Casting of 970 tonne box girder launched for Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train

Mumbai, India (Metro Rail Today): Darshana Jardosh (Minister of State for Railways) was present on Monday for the launch of the casting of a full span pre-stressed concrete (PSC) box girder to be used for the Mumbai- Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor, also known as ‘bullet train’. She said the first trial run of the bullet train between Surat and Bilimora stations was expected to take place by July, 2026.

“The casting of the girder was initiated on Monday at a casting yard near Naslipore village here, and it was the second PSC box girder being built for the high speed corridor” said National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL)

The first this kind of full span girder was constructed in a casting yard in Anand district four days ago, it said in a official release, adding that the box girder of 40 meter span will weigh around 970 tonnes. The PSC box girder, which will be the heaviest in the construction industry in the country, is being cast as a single piece, that is without any construction joint, with 390 cubic metres of concrete and 42 tonnes of steel, the release informed.

Darshana Jardosh said, “This is for the first time such a large girder will be cast in the country. I am glad L&T is incorporating locally made material and technology for this. We expect the first trial run of the bullet train between Surat and Bilimora stations to take place by July 2026”

Image Source: Twitter

The NHSRCL release further informed that full span girders were preferred over segmental girders as the launching process of the former was seven times faster, adding that 23 casting yards, on plots ranging from 16 to 93 acres, have been set up along the corridor’s alignment.

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail project is 508 km long, of which 348 km is in Gujarat, 156 km in Maharashtra and 4 km is in Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

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