Maha Metro starts assembling of aluminum rakes in Pune

Pune, India (Metro Rail Today): The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation (Maha-Metro) has started assembling the first aluminum made Metro Rake, with three coaches, which has recently arrived in the city. Safety trials will be held on tracks once the rake is assembled.

Officials of Maha Metro said that Technical team had been deployed for the assembling work and conducting the checks on various parameters. This process will continue for a few days.

An official of Maha Metro said,

The rake has been kept at the vanaz depot for inspection and trials. Total of three rakes would be made available in the first phase. These were light weight trains and would save energy and require less maintenance. We are expecting two more rakes soon. The new rakes will have to undergo various checks. We aim to complete the process soon. The inspection is time-consuming as it involves detailed analysis on various parameters.


One aluminum rake can accommodate 970 passengers and around 320 can travel in a single coach.  The rake can run at the maximum speed of 90 km per hour.

Hemant Sonawane (General Manager of Maha Metro) said, “All advanced features, including station announcements, air-conditioning, cellphone charging and display boards would be available in every coach.”

The Maha Metro has placed an order with the Titagarh Firema company to supply 34 rakes. The rakes for the initial phase are being manufactured in Italy. The rest would be cast at the Kolkata-based manufacturing unit.

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