Metrolite in Delhi facing problem before ride starts

New Delhi, India (Metro Rail Today): The 19km connecting Kirti Nagar to Dwarka exhibition-cum-convention centre (ECC) in sector 25 will pas through the bustling commercial area of Kirti Nagar, which has wholesale timbre, furniture, plastic and marble markets thronged by thousands of visitors.

Though Metrolite is also a rail-based system, it has lower carrying capacity than Delhi Metro. But it also costs 40% of a Metro system. last year, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) submitted detailed project reports for two proposed Metrolite corridors. Rithala to Narela (21.7km) and Kirti Nagar to Dwarka ECC for Government of Delhi’s approval .

Rohit Raj Verma, president of Plastic Traders’ Association said,
“Though the details were sketchy at the moment, it appeared that the system would be like a tram on a dedicated corridor in the middle of the road with traffic on either side. This would result in intersections getting closed and crossing over wouldn’t be possible, though there was an industrial area on one side and commercial activities on both sides. This area has three major commercial activities — furniture, marble and plastic built over a long period of time, and this kind of project would affect them Also, the project would take at least two to three years, which means the road would be inaccessible and no business can survive.”

DMRC didn’t comment on the status of the project and exactly how much of the corridor would be at grade and how much elevated or underground

Gagan Gandhi, an advocate representing the interests of the main road market associations said ” The introduction of Metrolite in Kirti Nagar would certainly affect the interest of stakeholders as their business would be hampered by the significant loss of revenue.”

Gagan Gandhi in letter to DMRC has prayed on behalf of the association that an alternate route be considered to prevent the loss of business, employment and revenue to the state exchequer without any benefit to the passengers on the route.

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