Chennai Metro to appoint Consultant for feasibility study of AC coaches in Suburban Rail

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Chennai Metro to appoint Consultant for feasibility study of AC coaches in Suburban Rail

Chennai, India (Metro Rail Today): In order to enhance the quality of suburban passengers, Govt. of Tamil Nadu has decided to provide air-conditioned services in the existing suburban trains in collaboration with Southern Railways, particularly in Chengalpattu Suburban line.

In this regard, CMRL has invited request for proposals (RfP) for the slection of consultants for preparation of Feasibility Study for introduction of Air-conditioned Coaches in Chennai Suburban line (Chennai Beach – Tambaram – Chengalpattu) in Chennai.

The scope of work includes-

  • Consultant shall collect and analyze current the Chennai Beach- Tambaram southern sub urban railway line station wise Passenger Boarding and Alighting data from Southern Railway
  • To assess the daily and Peak hour demand on Chennai Beach- Tambaram southern sub urban railway line based on Ticket sales data
  • Consultant shall review the existing suburban operation plans on Chennai Beach- TambaramChengalpattu line
  • Design and development of survey instruments to understand user experience in issues pertaining to access, affordability, usage pattern of the Suburban etc.,
  • Consultant shall carryout Commuter interview surveys with a minimum sample size of 10,000 (i.e., 2% of existing users)
  • Consultant shall study in detail the Air-conditioned sub urban Train operations on Mumbai suburban line like Type of operations, Fare structure, Operational cost, Institutional setup, etc.,
  • Understand the opinion on the service by conducting survey to study willingness to shift and price point elasticity i.e.,fare elasticity
  • Fare structure and fare affordability compared with other competitive modes of transport
  • Estimate the willingness to pay and extent of price differential acceptable to the current users.
  • Review the date collected and undertake a detailed analysis of the user preference /experience, split into different categories price points, gender, time of availing service etc., to understand required focus area for the new administration.
  • Consultant shall review and suggest Modus operandi for introduction of Air-Conditioned Coaches on Tambaram- Beach line such as operation of exclusive Air-conditioned rakes/combination of Air Conditioned and Non-Air-Conditioned coaches.
  • To assess the Operational constraints due to additional dwell time at each station during Peak hour
  • To calculate the number of rakes and workout the Capital cost
  • Consultant shall workout the any additional requirements for Air-conditioned rakes operations such as additional traction load, augmentation of Transformer, Configuration of rake, Rolling Stock Procurement plan – phasing, Maintenance system and planning, Allocation and scale of the maintenance depots and workshops, etc.
  • To work out the operational plan & cost for Air-conditioned rakes operations
  • Consultant shall suggest optimum fare structure based on commuter willingness and to meet the operational cost
  • Consultant shall workout the detailed financial estimate with analysis etc.
  • Consultant shall suggest a suitable Institutional setup for operations in line with Mumbai Suburban Model (i.e., MRVCL).
  • The potential of introduction of AC Coaches shall be appraised for economic and financial viability. The Consultant shall evaluate financial and economic viability of the project through Economic Internal rate of Return (EIRR) Financial Internal rate of Return (FIRR) as well as other financial parameters.
  • Consultant shall carried out on the reduction in the number / capacity of existing peak hour EMU services consequent on the intro of AC EMU’s / AC Coaches.
  • The services of the Consultant shall facilitate a study visit by the officials of GoTN/CMRL to visit the currently operational Air-condition service in Mumbai Sub urban system.

Key Information

  • Tender Notice No. CMRL/PLNG/631/1/2022- DFR study
  • Issue Date: 11th February 2023
  • Last Date for Submission of Bids: 4th March 2023 till 16.00 hrs
  • Bid Opening Date: 6th March 2023 at 11.30 hrs.

Overview of Chennai Suburban Rail

Chennai Sub urban Railway is a commuter rail system in the city operated by Southern Railway. Existing Sub urban Rail consisting of four different lines and covering a total network length of 200 kms. Existing Sub urban Rail consisting of four different lines and covering a total network length of 200 kms. The average daily ridership is 10.3 lakhs. The sub urban rail network detail is as follows:

  • South Line: Chennai Beach to Tambaram – Chengalpattu (60km)
  • Southwest Line: Chennai Central to Arakkonam (69 km)
  • Northeast Line: Chennai Central to Gummidipoondi (47 km)
  • MRTS Line: Chennai Beach to Velachery (19 km)

The Southern Sub urban line starting from Chennai Beach to Chengalpattu via Tambaram and covering total network length 60 km. The predominant land use along the corridor is residential and commercial. The important settlements along the corridor area covering, Chennai Beach, Park, Egmore, Nungambakkam, Guindy, Tirusulam, Pallavaram, Tambaram, Vandalur, Guduvancheri & Chengalpattu. Among the four sub urban lines, the southern line (i.e., Chennai Beach - Chengalpattu) carries about 5 lakh passengers, which is about 50% of the total suburban passenger daily ridership. It has highest demand for first class passengers (i.e., 65%) also.


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