Detailed Feasibility Reports submitted for ₹11,834 crore Chennai Metro Expansion Project

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Detailed Feasibility Reports submitted for ₹11,834 crore Chennai Metro Expansion Project

Chennai, India (Metro Rail Today): The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has taken significant steps towards the expansion of the Chennai metro system by submitting Detailed Feasibility Reports (DFRs) to the Tamil Nadu government. These expansion plans, estimated to cost ₹11,834 crore, aim to enhance connectivity and improve public transportation in the city.

Extension from Koyambedu to Avadi

CMRL's proposal includes the extension of metro rail services from Koyambedu to Avadi, covering an elevated stretch of 16.07 kilometers with an approximate 15 stations. The estimated cost for this extension is ₹6,376.18 crore. This recommendation takes into account recent developments, such as the growth of the IT Park, land availability, and future potential in Pattabiram. CMRL is also considering an extension from Avadi to Pattabiram during the detailed project report stage, with the final number of stations to be determined following an alignment study.

Extension from Siruseri to Kilambakkam via Kelambakkam

Another key recommendation is the extension of metro services from Siruseri to Kilambakkam via Kelambakkam, covering a total length of 23.5 kilometers with approximately 12 elevated stations. The estimated cost for this extension is ₹5,458.06 crore. The feasibility reports for these extensions were submitted by CMRL Managing Director M A Siddique to Ramesh Chand Meena, Additional Chief Secretary, Special Initiatives, at the secretariat.

Future Expansion Considerations

CMRL is also exploring the possibility of extending the existing airport stretch, linking Wimco Nagar and Central stations to Kilambakkam. Although this project was not initially included in Phase II, the state has been funding it for the past two years, awaiting clearance from the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs. The Phase II project, with an estimated cost of ₹61,843 crore, has been recommended by the Public Investment Board, but formal clearance is pending.

Additionally, CMRL is considering further extensions towards Thiruporur and Mahabalipuram via Kelambakkam, taking into account significant industrial and residential developments expected after the completion of Phase 2.

These expansion plans underscore CMRL's commitment to improving transportation infrastructure and connectivity in Chennai, addressing the city's growing urban mobility needs.


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