Formal trial run of Indore Metro Train commenced on 6.3 km elevated stretch

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Formal trial run of Indore Metro Train commenced on 6.3 km elevated stretch

Indore, India (Metro Rail Today): In an exciting development, the trial run of the Indore Metro train commenced on Saturday evening. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan inaugurated the trial at the Gandhi Nagar station and waved the green flag, marking a significant milestone in the city's transportation history. He also took a ride in the coach, covering a six-kilometer stretch from Gandhi Nagar to Super Corridor station.

The trial run of the Metro will continue consecutively, after which it will be open to the general public. During this event, the Chief Minister directed Manish Singh, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (MPMRCL) to ensure the completion of the trial within five to six months, aiming for the commencement of commercial operations with passengers on board. Chouhan also expressed his vision of transforming Indore into a metropolitan city by connecting it with nearby cities.

He emphasized the affordability of the Metro for people from all walks of life, offering a more cost-effective alternative than traditional modes of transportation. The Chief Minister urged the Metro Rail MD to expedite the commencement of passenger services within five to six months. The Indore Metro is expected to run from Indore to Pithampur and Ujjain, and surveys for this route are currently underway.

Chouhan praised the efforts of the Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (MPMRCL) and highlighted the progress achieved in a short span of time. He underlined that while the previous government had stalled the project, his government took decisive action to push it forward. He pointed out that a significant portion of the work, including a 6.3-kilometer stretch in Indore, was completed in just 484 days, with electrification of tracks in 18 days and coach production in five months. He commended the entire Metro team for their dedication.

Shankar Lalwani, Member of Parliament, expressed his appreciation for Indore's remarkable progress. He highlighted that under Chief Minister Chouhan's leadership, Indore, which used to rely on tempos for transportation 20 years ago, is now gearing up for a new transportation revolution. He also mentioned that the Metro project was delayed due to previous governments but has now been fast-tracked.

Gandhi Nagar station to TCS on the elevated route will be operational for the next six months, ensuring smooth traffic flow without disruptions. The train will travel to TCS and return to the depot.

The trial run of the Metro has generated tremendous enthusiasm among Indore residents. People arrived in large numbers to witness the green flag ceremony at Gandhi Nagar station. The entire route from Gandhi Nagar to Robot Square, spanning 17.5 kilometers, is expected to be completed in the first phase. Harshika Singh, Additional Managing Director of the Metro, stated that the tender process for extending the route beyond Canada has already commenced.

The Indore Metro is set to reshape the city's transportation landscape, offering a modern and efficient means of travel. The project reflects a commitment to providing affordable and convenient transportation options for the people of Indore and neighboring cities. As the trial run proceeds, residents eagerly anticipate the day when they can hop aboard the Metro for their daily commutes.

In a nutshell, the Indore Metro is poised to become a game-changer, enhancing connectivity and convenience for the people of Indore and beyond.

The commencement of the Indore Metro's trial run marks a significant milestone in the city's transportation development. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's vision of affordable and efficient transportation for all is taking shape. As the trial run progresses, the people of Indore eagerly anticipate the day when they can board the Metro for their daily commutes.


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