Kanpur Metro initiates fourth Tunnel-Boring Machine deployment for Corridor 1

Vinod Shah Posted on: 2023-09-28 16:20:00 Viewer: 739 Comments: 0 Country: India City: Kanpur

Kanpur Metro initiates fourth Tunnel-Boring Machine deployment for Corridor 1 (Representative Image)

Kanpur, India (Metro Rail Today):  The Kanpur Metro Rail Project has commenced the process of lowering its fourth Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) under Corridor-1 (IIT-Kanpur to Naubasta). This remarkable development marks a significant step forward in the city's metro rail infrastructure.

The newly deployed TBM is set to construct an approximately 1250-meter-long tunnel on the 'downline' route, connecting Kanpur Central to Nayaganj. Earlier, the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) had successfully lowered all components of the third Tunnel Boring Machine for tunnel construction on the 'up-line' in the same section.

Today, before sunrise, the procedure for lowering the fourth TBM commenced at the under-construction Kanpur Central Metro Station. The 'middle shield' of this TBM machine was gently lowered into a launching shaft, measuring approximately 18 meters in depth, 21 meters in length, and 25 meters in width. Over the upcoming days, various parts of the machine, including the front shield, tail shield, cutter head, and screw conveyor, will be methodically lowered into the launching shaft. Subsequently, all components of the TBM machine will be meticulously aligned within the shaft, and mechanical connections and wiring will be established to complete the machine assembly.

In the 4.24 km long underground section from Kanpur Central to Transport Nagar, two Tunnel Boring Machines will initially construct a 1250-meter-long tunnel, running both on the 'Up-line' and 'Down-line' routes. Following this phase, tunneling operations will extend to other segments of this section. Notably, two Tunnel Boring Machines named 'Nana' and 'Tatya' are already engaged in tunnel construction along the approximately 4 km Chunniganj-Nayaganj underground section. With the introduction of two additional TBM machines in the Kanpur Central-Transport Nagar underground segment, the total count of Tunnel Boring Machines involved in tunnel construction for Corridor-1 (IIT-Naubasta) will reach four.

Significant progress has already been made under the Chunniganj-Nayaganj underground section, with 'Nana' and 'Tatya' TBM machines completing the construction of approximately 1025 meters of tunnel between Bada Chauraha to Nayaganj and around 750 meters of tunnel between Chunniganj to Naveen Market. Furthermore, 'Nana' TBM machine has successfully completed the construction of a 510-meter-long tunnel between Naveen Market and Bada Chauraha.

As of now, the 23.78 km-long Corridor-1 (IIT-Naubasta) of the Kanpur Metro has operational commercial services along the 9 km Priority Corridor (IIT-Motijheel). Aside from the Chunniganj-Nayaganj and Kanpur Central-Transport Nagar underground sections, construction work is rapidly advancing in the approximately 5 km Baradevi-Naubasta elevated section.


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