Official trial run commenced on Bhopal Metro's Priority Corridor

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Official trial run commenced on Bhopal Metro's Priority Corridor

Bhopal, India (Metro Rail Today):  Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today inaugurated the formal trial run of Bhopal Metro by waving the green flag. The Chief Minister took a metro ride from Subhash Nagar to Rani Kamalapati Station. Prior to this, at Subhash Nagar Depot, CM Shivraj asserted that the metro would not halt here alone. He announced plans to extend the metro to Mandideep, and if needed, even to Sehore and Vidisha.

"After finalizing the design, Metro Rail coaches were made in just five months, and five lifts and four escalators were installed in 60 days, which is an achievement in itself. We will complete its entire operation in 2024, the metro will not only stop in Bhopal, the metro will also be taken from Bhopal to Mandideep. Then we will also take the metro from Bhopal to Sehore and if needed, we will also run the metro to Vidisha," said Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the Chief Miniter.

CM Shivraj shared childhood memories of Bhopal, recalling its transformation from a city with horse-drawn carts to the metro era. He noted that Bhopal had come a long way, from Tangas (horse-drawn carriages) to e-rickshaws and now the metro.

"Metro travel is comfortable. With online tickets, you won't have to stand in line. Metro's journey is enjoyable in itself. Metro will enhance the reputation of this city. It will also be pollution-free. Now Bhopal also has to run at a fast speed, people of Bhopal, I once again congratulate you all for this metro train," said the Chief Minister.

He stated, "Earlier, people used to joke about whether Bhopal would ever have a metro, but we have delivered on our promise. Madhya Pradesh now has a 'Gadhadon Wala Madhya Pradesh' (Metro-connected Madhya Pradesh). The metro is for everyone, whether you drive a car or ride a two-wheeler, everyone will have the same experience."

"Metro means equality, people with cars will also come in it. A two-wheeler rider will also come here and park his car and ride in the metro. This will bridge the gap of inequality, and will make everyone equal by making everyone travel in the same compartment. The new revolution of transportation has started in Bhopal. Now we will see our lake city Bhopal from the metro," he added.

Subhash Nagar Metro Station witnessed a festive atmosphere during the trial run of the Bhopal Metro. School and college students were invited to participate, and a large crowd gathered to witness the metro. The event was attended by Minister Vishwas Sarang, MLA Rameshwar Sharma, Krishna Gaur, Vishnu Khatri, Mayor Malati Rai, Municipal Corporation President Kishan Suryavanshi, and BJP candidate for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Durunaran Singh.

On September 17, metro coaches arrived in Bhopal after covering a distance of approximately 850 kilometers from Savli (Vadodara), Gujarat. They were placed on the Inspection Bay Line (IBL) at the depot on September 18. Following this, a team comprising senior engineers, technical experts, supervisors, and over 50 individuals worked on connecting the metro coaches and conducting tests. After eight days of work, the metro was seen running on the tracks on September 26. The metro was tested multiple times on the track over six days, and the trial run continued on 2nd October 2023.

Highlights of the Metro Coaches:

  • Each metro coach is 22 meters long and 2.9 meters wide.
  • Each coach can accommodate around 50 seated passengers and has the capacity for 300 standing passengers.
  • Unattended Train Operation (UTO) mode.
  • Automated track monitoring system.
  • Energy-saving features.
  • Cybersecurity provisions in Train Control and Management System (TCMS).
  • Intelligent Closed Circuit Television System (ICCTV).
  • Grab handles for passenger safety.
  • LED panels, digital route maps, and signage.
  • Air-conditioned coaches.

With the inauguration of the Bhopal Metro, the city is set to witness a significant transformation in its public transportation system, providing residents with a modern and efficient mode of commuting.


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