Structcon Designs appointed Detailed Design Consultant for Nagpur Metro Phase 2

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Structcon Designs appointed Detailed Design Consultant for Nagpur Metro Phase 2

Nagpur, India (Metro Rail Today): The latest development in the ongoing expansion of Nagpur Metro Phase 2 sees Structcon Designs Private Limited emerging as the winner of the Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) contract for Package DDC-04. Awarded by Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (Maha-Metro) in December 2023, this contract worth ₹24 lakh encompasses crucial design consultancy services for a pivotal segment of the Nagpur Metro Orange Line project.

Package DDC-04 specifically focuses on the design aspects of a 1.7 km at-grade section, forming a vital part of Reach 1A, which stretches from Khapri to Butibori MIDC ESR, covering a total of 18.7 km. This section, spanning from chainage 19550 to 21296.917, includes two key metro stations: Eco Park Station and Metro City Station.

The procurement process for this consultancy service commenced in October 2023, with technical bids evaluated in November 2023, revealing three competing firms. Ultimately, Structcon Designs emerged victorious with the most competitive financial bid of ₹24.00 lakh, outshining contenders LKT Engineering Consultants and L&T Infrastructure Engineering. The financial position of each bidder was as under:-

  • Structcon Designs: ₹24.00 Lakh
  • LKT Engineering Consultants: ₹27.50 Lakh
  • L&T Infrastructure Engineering: ₹30.00 Lakh

As per Maha-Metro's directive, Structcon will undertake the responsibility of generating and presenting alternative designs for all civil, architectural, building services, electrical, and mechanical works associated with Eco Park Station and Metro City Station. This mandate underscores Structcon's pivotal role in shaping the infrastructure landscape of Nagpur Metro Phase 2.

Furthermore, Maha-Metro's broader scope for Package DDC-04 entails detailed design consultancy services for the designated at-grade section of Reach 1A, spanning approximately 1669.417 meters. This critical phase of the project is integral to enhancing connectivity and facilitating efficient transportation within Nagpur and its surrounding areas.

While Structcon assumes the mantle of driving design innovation for this segment, other aspects of Nagpur Metro Phase 2 are also progressing steadily. Recent developments include the receipt of bids for track work on the at-grade section from Rahee Infratech and NMC Industries, indicating the multifaceted nature of ongoing infrastructure endeavors.

With Structcon's appointment as the designated design consultant for Package DDC-04, Nagpur Metro Phase 2 is inching closer to realization, promising enhanced mobility and connectivity for residents and commuters alike. As the project unfolds, stakeholders remain optimistic about its transformative impact on the region's transportation landscape.


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