TBM Buddha recorded first tunnel breakthrough for Patna Metro Corridor 2

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TBM Buddha recorded first tunnel breakthrough for Patna Metro Corridor 2

Patna, India (Metro Rail Today): In the heart of Patna, a monumental achievement marks another step forward for the city's infrastructure development. Larsen & Toubro (L&T), a leading engineering and construction conglomerate, celebrated their second tunnel breakthrough at the Patna University Metro Station. This breakthrough is part of the ambitious 30.91 km Patna Metro Phase 1 project, specifically the 8 km underground Package PC-03, which connects the vital nodes of Rajendra Nagar and Patna Junction Railway Station.

"This accomplishment marks a milestone for the Patna Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (PMRCL), as both the TBMs to operate on the underground section from Moin Ul Haq Stadium station to University station of Corridor – 2 have completed their drive successfully. TBM1 in the upline completed its drive on March 20, 2024, followed by TBM2 on 14.05.2024. The breakthrough milestone of TBM-02 was successfully achieved under the leadership and supervision of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)," said an official release, issued by the DMRC Patna Project team.

The significant milestone was achieved by the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Buddha, also known as DZ1091 or TBM-2. This impressive machine boasts a diameter of 6.65 meters and is an Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) machine manufactured by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. (CRCHI). Assembled and lowered into its launch shaft at Moin-ul-Haq Station in April 2023, TBM Buddha commenced its tunneling journey in May 2023. Its first assignment involved constructing a 1494-meter section of the up-line tunnel towards Patna University, where it successfully arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

The contract for Package PC-03, valued at Rs. 1989 crore, was awarded to L&T by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in December 2021, with a deadline of 42 months. This package is pivotal in connecting a ramp near Rajendra Nagar with Patna Junction Railway Station through twin tunnels bored by TBMs, featuring six underground stations at strategic locations including Akashvani (formerly Dak Bungalow), Gandhi Maidan, PMCH, Patna University, Moin Ul Haq Stadium, and Rajendra Nagar.

Patna Metro's expansion is not merely a feat of engineering; it is a testament to collaboration and innovation. The arrival of TBM Buddha at Patna University Station marks the second breakthrough of the planned 12 in Package PC-03. Meanwhile, its counterpart, TBM Mahavir (DZ1090), operating on the parallel down-line tunnel, reached Patna University Station in March 2024. The synchronization of these machines reflects meticulous planning and execution, with both now set to traverse Patna University’s station box and embark on their second assignment towards PMCH Station, covering a distance of approximately 1.15 km.

As Patna Metro expands its footprint, opportunities for growth and connectivity abound. Bidding for the 16.86 km Line-1's 8 km underground section, to be constructed via packages PC-05 & PC-06, has been underway since December 2023. Despite a slight delay in the submission deadline, technical bids are scheduled to open on June 3, indicating continued progress and momentum in the city's metro infrastructure development.


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