Trial run extended from BKC to Dadar Station on Mumbai Metro Line 3

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Trial run extended from BKC to Dadar Station on Mumbai Metro Line 3

Mumbai, India (Metro Rail Today): The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) has recently announced the extension of trial runs for Mumbai Metro Line 3, commonly known as the Aqua Line, up to Dadar Station. This significant development marks a crucial step forward in the testing phase of the metro line, which spans a total length of 33.5 kilometers.

On Tuesday, MMRC, in collaboration with Alstom, conducted manual operations of one of their 8-coach Metropolis trains along the up-line tracks from Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) to Dadar Station. The trial run covered a distance of approximately 4.3 kilometers, passing through key stations such as Dharavi and Shitladevi.

Notably, this marks the first instance of a metro train entering South Mumbai, a region also referred to as South Bombay or the Island City. The event garnered attention, with a video providing a front-on view from the train’s cabin being shared on various platforms, including social media and Patreon.

The primary objective of this initial run was to assess the Schedule of Dimensions (SOD) clearances and evaluate the train's interaction with the civil structure along the route to identify any potential physical obstructions.

The extension of trial runs to Dadar Station is a significant milestone in the development of Mumbai's metro infrastructure. Line 3, which connects BKC to Dadar, plays a crucial role in enhancing connectivity within the city, particularly in densely populated areas like Dharavi.

The construction of Line 3 involved complex engineering feats, including the creation of twin tunnels by prominent infrastructure firms such as J Kumar Infraprojects – China Railway Tunnel Group JV and Continental Engineering Corporation – ITD Cementation – Tata Projects JV. These tunnels, spanning various sections of the route, were completed with the final breakthroughs recorded in 2020.

Despite the progress made, challenges have hindered the timely completion of Line 3. Issues surrounding the construction of the Aarey Depot and its Operational Control Centre contributed to delays in integrated trial runs. However, it's important to note that system installation and station architectural finishing were the primary factors affecting the project timeline.

The metro's opening has been divided into three phases, with Phase 1 (Aarey Colony – BKC) witnessing the commencement of train testing in August 2022. Subsequent phases, including Phase 2 (BKC – Acharya Atre Chowk), are expected to follow suit, with efforts underway to expedite the process and minimize delays.

The extension of trial runs for Mumbai's Metro Line 3 to Dadar Station marks a significant step forward in the project's development. Despite challenges, including construction delays and logistical hurdles, progress continues to be made towards enhancing urban mobility and connectivity in Mumbai. With further efforts and collaboration, Line 3 is poised to become a vital component of the city's transportation infrastructure, benefitting commuters and residents alike.


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