Meet Sarla Chaudhary: The Iconic Female Voice Behind Indian Railways Announcements

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Meet Sarla Chaudhary: The Iconic Female Voice Behind Indian Railways Announcements

"Yatrigan Kripya Dhyan De" - a phrase that resonates across India's railway stations, calling passengers to attention with its distinctive intonation. Yet, have you ever wondered who the voice behind this iconic announcement is? Is there a different voice at every station? Let's unravel the story of the person responsible for this ubiquitous railway announcement.

The Enigmatic Sarla Chaudhary

The mellifluous voice that echoes through railway stations belongs to none other than Sarla Chaudhary. But how did she land this unique job? The tale dates back to 1982 when Sarla Chaudhary, among hundreds of aspirants, applied for the position of an announcer in the Central Railway. It was a momentous occasion when Sarla was selected for the role. However, her journey commenced as a temporary employee.

The Rise to Permanence

Sarla's voice possessed a remarkable quality—it effectively grabbed passengers' attention, ensuring that important announcements didn't go unnoticed. Her vocal talents were so impressive that in 1986, the Railways decided to make her a permanent fixture in their announcement system.

A Timeless Voice

What might surprise you is that even today, her pre-recorded voice continues to resonate across railway stations throughout the country. Although additional voices have been incorporated for announcing the names of new trains, Sarla Chaudhary's voice remains an enduring presence in the railway ecosystem.

The Hard Work Behind the Scenes

In the early days, Sarla had to put in considerable effort, tirelessly making announcements at various railway stations. Moreover, she had to record these announcements in multiple languages, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to the role. Over time, the Railways transitioned the responsibility of announcements to the Train Management System, but Sarla's legacy lives on.

Sarla Chaudhary may no longer hold the position of an announcer in the Indian Railways, but her voice continues to serve as a familiar and comforting presence for millions of Indian railway passengers. It's a testament to the enduring impact of a voice that has guided and reassured countless travelers on their journeys across the vast railway network of India.


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