Metro Rail Today is a monthly magazine which covers rail business news, views, insights, metro project updates, opinions and development from Rail & Metro sectors including Metro Rail, High Speed Rail, Semi-High Speed Rail, Regional Rail, Light Rail, Mono Rail etc. across the world.

Metro Rail Today Magazine

  • Size: 210mm x 270mm
  • Pages: 60-80
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • ISSN: A/F
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  • Publisher: Urban Infra Communication, New Delhi
  • Readership: 7,500 (Print), 125,000+ (Digital)
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Premium Membership (Business Opportunities)

Besides, providing up to date information on real-time development in various Metro rail projects, we also monitor tendering and major contract awards in Urban Rail & Metro sectors. Our premium members are getting real-time updates on latest tender notices, amendments, pre-bid meeting alerts, technical bids opening, financial bids opening, lowest bidders and final awardees details that help them to get sub-contracts from the major contractors enagged in rail & metro sectors in India.

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