MMRC to commence Trial Run on Mumbai Metro Line 3 Phase 1 in November

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MMRC to commence Trial Run on Mumbai Metro Line 3 Phase 1 in November

Mumbai, India (Metro Rail Today): Mumbai, a bustling metropolitan city, eagerly awaits the much-anticipated trial run of Phase 1 of the Mumbai Metro Line 3, slated to kick off in November. Confirming the development, a senior official from the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (MMRC) announced that the initial trial runs have been conducted successfully, marking a significant step forward in the city's ambitious transportation project.

The recent trial run covered an impressive 17-kilometer stretch from the Mumbai International Design Centre (MIDC) to the Vidyanagari Metro station, culminating with a return journey to the Santacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone (SEEPZ). However, the authority revealed that a minor portion of the track laying work remains unfinished, impeding the progression toward the complete Phase 1 trial.

The MMRC's comprehensive plans for Phase 1's operations, originally scheduled for a December launch this year, are now expected to face a delay, pushing the launch into the following year. This delay consequently impacts the projected timeline for Phase 2, which was initially planned to commence six months after the launch of Phase 1.

Envisioned as one of the busiest transit systems globally, the Phase 1 operations aim to accommodate an estimated 13 lakh passengers daily by 2025, according to the MMRC's detailed project report. The trains running along the Metro 3 Line will boast a remarkable capacity to transport up to 3,000 passengers simultaneously, catering to peak hour peak direction traffic (PHPDT) of 72,000 passengers. Moreover, the trains will feature an energy-efficient design with a regenerative braking system, guaranteeing a sustainable and eco-friendly travel experience.

Passenger safety remains a paramount concern, and the MMRC has meticulously equipped all stations on the line with cutting-edge platform screen doors. Furthermore, the trains will operate with a sophisticated communication-based train control (CBTC) signaling system, paving the way for future driverless train operations.

To ensure a seamless transition into the driverless operation phase, the MMRC plans to commence operations with drivers onboard initially, awaiting approval from the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS). Once the CMRS greenlight is secured for driver-assisted operations, preparations for the eventual shift to fully driverless operations will be initiated. Anticipating the need for extensive trials, the MMRC foresees a six-month-long testing period post-commissioning, aligning with the vision outlined by the managing director, Ashwini Bhide.

In the heart of this bustling city, the Mumbai Metro Line 3 stands as a testament to progressive urban planning and a commitment to providing efficient, sustainable, and safe transportation for millions of Mumbaikars.


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