Qingdao Launches China's First Fully Automated Metro Line 6

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Qingdao Launches China's First Fully Automated Metro Line 6

Qingdao, China (Metro Rail Today): The bustling city of Qingdao celebrated a milestone achievement with the inauguration of the first phase of metro Line 6 on April 26. This groundbreaking project marks a significant leap forward in China's metro infrastructure, as Line 6 becomes the country's pioneer in deploying the domestically-developed TACS train control system, achieving full automation at Grade of Automation 4 (GoA4).

Spanning 30.8 kilometers with 21 stations, Line 6 connects the northern district of Shengtaiyuan to the southern hub of Xintun Road, offering seamless connectivity for commuters across the city. Notably, passengers traveling at high speeds can effortlessly transfer to Line 6 at Qingdao West station, as well as from six other existing metro lines. The line witnessed a remarkable influx of over 50,000 passengers on its inaugural day, boasting an end-to-end journey time of just 50 minutes.

The construction of Line 6, estimated to cost Yuan 17.9 billion (approximately $US 2.47 billion), showcases China's commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation in the transportation sector. The line operates with a fleet of 29 six-car type B1 trains manufactured by CRRC Qingdao Sifang.

Currently, efforts are underway to expand Line 6 with the construction of its second phase, which will encompass an additional 13.9 kilometers and 10 stations, stretching westward from Xintun Road to Qingxi.

A key highlight of Line 6 is the utilization of CRRC's revolutionary TACS train control system, which integrates interlocking and zone control functions within an onboard distributed control system. This transformative technology empowers trains to become the controlling entity, facilitating shorter headways and minimizing construction costs by reducing lineside equipment.

Moreover, Line 6 incorporates a myriad of innovative features, including the construction of six stations using prefabricated concrete sections, weighing a total of 120,000 tonnes. Notably, Jiudingshan Road station boasts the largest prefabricated station structure in China, showcasing a remarkable engineering feat.

Prefabrication techniques have also been employed in the construction of platforms, stairs, and substations, underscoring Qingdao's commitment to efficiency and sustainability. The line harnesses regenerative braking technology to store energy, estimated to save around 6 million kWh of electricity annually. Additionally, solar panels adorn stations and depots, contributing to the line's eco-friendly initiatives.

Furthermore, Line 6 boasts advanced features such as prefabricated slab track, multi-level absorbing track beds, and cutting-edge AI, Internet of Things, and visual recognition technologies, enhancing operational efficiency and fault detection capabilities.

The successful implementation of Line 6 reflects the collaborative efforts between Qingdao Metro Group and industry partners, underscoring China's prowess in advancing metro infrastructure through innovation and strategic partnerships.

"We are proud to have partnered with Qingdao Metro Group to pioneer prefabricated assembly technology for metro stations," remarked Mr. Li Yulong, project secretary at China Railway First Bureau. "Through meticulous research and innovative techniques, we have overcome technical challenges and delivered precision in assembly, setting a new standard for metro infrastructure development."

With Line 6's inauguration, Qingdao embraced a new era of smart and sustainable transportation, poised to redefine urban mobility for its residents and visitors alike.


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