Trial run commences on Egypt’s Cairo Metro Line 3

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Trial run commences on Egypt’s Cairo Metro Line 3

Cairo, Egypt (Metro Rail Today): Egypt marks a significant milestone for Cairo's transportation infrastructure today as the third and final segment of Cairo Metro Line 3 embarks on trial operations with passengers, announced Egypt’s Ministry of Transport.

The completion of Line 3, a pivotal transverse line connecting the eastern and western parts of Greater Cairo, underscores a monumental achievement in the city's efforts to enhance public transportation. Spanning an impressive 41.2 kilometers with 34 stations, Line 3 seamlessly integrates various components of Cairo's rail network, including the metro, monorail, and Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems.

The newly inaugurated 7.1-kilometer segment, designated as 3C, traverses from El-Tawfikeya station to Cairo University, navigating through key thoroughfares such as Wadi El-Nile Street, Gameat Al Dewal Al Arabeya, and Bulaq El-Dakror. This segment comprises five stations, including three underground, one surface, and one elevated station.

Before commencing trial operations with passengers, rigorous testing procedures were conducted on the segment to ensure optimal safety and functionality. From thorough inspections of lighting, air conditioning, and ventilation systems to meticulous checks on fire suppression mechanisms and train operations, every aspect underwent meticulous scrutiny.

The commencement of trial operations on this final segment heralds the full operationalization of Line 3, connecting pivotal hubs such as the central Adly Mansour interchange station, Kit Kat, and branching north to Rod El-Farag Axis and south to Cairo University.

Passengers will benefit from seamless transfers, with connectivity to Line 1 at Nasser station, Line 2 at Attaba and Cairo University stations, LRT at Adly Mansour Central Station, East Nile Monorail at the Stadium station, West Nile Monorail at Wadi El-Nile station, and the planned Line 6 at Abbasia station.

Noteworthy features of Cairo Metro Line 3, implemented in four phases, include the establishment of three maintenance workshops: the Abbasia, Imbaba, and Al-Salam workshops.

As the oldest metro system in Africa, the Cairo Metro, inaugurated in 1987, continues to evolve and expand, catering to the ever-growing needs of the city's populace.

The commencement of the final segment of Cairo Metro Line 3 signifies a significant leap forward in Cairo's transportation landscape, offering enhanced connectivity and convenience to millions of commuters across the city.


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