Patna Metro to have Island shaped Underground Metro Stations

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Patna Metro to have Island shaped Underground Metro Stations

When you are standing on underground Metro Station trains will run on your both sides. This is known as Island Platform. Such will be the design of underground metro stations of Patna Metro Rail Project. In underground Metro Stations Metro rail tracks will be parallel to and on both sides of platforms where trains will pass through both sides.

Patna station is one of the longest underground stations of Patna Metro rail, which will be 345 metre long and the depth of the tracks 23 metre from ground level.

First interchange and multi-modal integration underground metro station of Corridor - 2

This station of proposed Corridor - 2 of the Patna Metro Project near Patna Junction Railway Station will be the first underground metro station with facility of metro interchange (to change for other places) and in addition there will also be multi-modal of this station (connecting various public/other transports so as to ensure hassle free travel)

Patna Station will be of three levels

Concourse will be at minus one (-1) level and below this platform will be on other two levels. Corridor-II platform will be below concourse level and below that will be the Corridor-II platform. All these levels will be connected to each other and also with ground level.

Facilities for passengers

Concourse will have passengers-centric facilities like ticket counter, public convenience such as toilets, security checks etc. Since this station is interchange station and multi-modal integration point and also among busiest place of the city, there will be additional facilities on this station for passengers like air conditioned metro coaches and station. This will have 17 escalators, 7 lifts and 6 staircases.

Station will have four entry/exit gates 

Entry/Exit Gate-1: In Buddha Smriti Park near multi-level parking in front of Mahavir Mandir

Entry/Exit Gate-2: At the entry gate of Buddha Smriti Park

Entry/Exit Gate-3: Towards Chandni Chowk (Electronic Market)

Entry/Exit Gate-4:  Inside Paneer Market, towards East of the entry gate of Patna Junction

Pedestrian will be able to cross the road free of charge

The special feature of this station is that this metro station is connected with busiest places, commercial/non-commercial hub which is mainly connected with Patna Station Road, Bandar Bagicha Road and Jamal Road. For this reason, pedestrian can cross the Frazer Road free of charge through this station. People will be allowed to cross the road through concourse without purchasing ticket.

For this purpose Entry/Exit doors of this station will be mutually connected. Entry gate 2 will be connected to Entry gate 3 and Entry gate 1 (Buddha Smriti Park) will be connected to Entry gate 4 (Paneer Market near station entrance)

Arrangements for emergency situations

There will be adequate arrangements to evacuate passengers smoothly from platforms in case of any emergency. For this there will be 4 fire escapes, which is for evacuation of passengers, as exit gates and staircases. In addition, there will be 2 more exit gates/staircases.

It may be noted that Patna Metro is adopting multi-modal integration in addition to Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) for the convenience of passengers so as to offer people hassle free travel. With the start of the Metro in the city, people will be inclined towards public transports. Metro will not only be cheaper and convenient but it will also reduce pollution too as it will bring down the number of vehicles on the road.


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