Alstom delivers first 3-coach trainset for Indore Metro

Indore set to embrace new era of Rapid Transit with upcoming Metro trial run
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Alstom delivers first 3-coach trainset for Indore Metro

Indore, India (Metro Rail Today): Indore, known as Madhya Pradesh's cleanest city, is on the cusp of a new era of swift and efficient transportation with the impending trial run of the metro train system. To facilitate this significant step, three metro train coaches have arrived in Indore from Alstom's Coach Factory, Savli, Gujarat.

Indore's Member of Parliament, Shankar Lalwani, inaugurated this momentous occasion with a ceremonial groundbreaking. Subsequently, the coaches were carefully lowered onto the tracks using cranes. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan congratulated the arrival of the metro coaches in Indore, marking a monumental milestone for the city.

After a prolonged wait, the dream of Indore's citizens to explore their city aboard a metro train is now within reach. Late Wednesday night, three metro coaches arrived at the Gandhi Nagar depot in Indore from Sanand, Gujarat. With the assistance of cranes, these coaches were gently placed onto the tracks. Covering a distance of approximately 800 kilometers from Gujarat, this achievement holds immense significance for Indore's development.

Shankar Lalwani, MP of Indore, conducted rituals and ceremonies to mark the arrival of these three coaches. Following this, around 10 a.m., the coaches were carefully lowered onto the tracks using a sizable crane. Notably, the Indore Metro Rail Corporation aims to conduct trial runs of the metro train system by mid of September. Preparations are in full swing, and the organization is working diligently towards this goal.

Officials from the Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (MPMRCL) have shared that plans are underway to have the metro trains running on the tracks in September. These plans encompass trial runs and the official inauguration of the metro service. A dedicated yard has been established to accommodate up to 25 trains for these purposes. To ensure the coaches reached the tracks, a Four Point Jack Crane was brought to the metro depot. The unloading of the coaches could take some time.

The coaches will be taken to the stabling yard at the metro depot and examined on the testing track. Subsequently, they will be moved onto the viaduct for further testing. Similarly, a trial run of the metro train is anticipated to take place around September 14. This trial will cover a 5.9-kilometer stretch from Gandhi Nagar to TCS Square in Indore. The route encompasses five stations, each of which is slated to feature eight escalators for convenience. This marks a crucial step towards enhancing the city's public transportation infrastructure and propelling Indore into a new era of modern mobility.

The Phase 1 of Indore Metro Rail Project, covering a route length of 33.53 kilometers, gained approval from the state government in December 2016 and was subsequently endorsed by the Central Government's cabinet in October 2018.

The foundation stone for Phase 1 of the project was ceremoniously laid by the state's Chief Minister in September 2019. Since then, construction efforts have been underway, commencing in February 2019 and aiming for completion by 2027.

The estimated cost of this transformative endeavor is approximately Rs. 7500.80 crore. Projections for daily ridership anticipate a substantial influx of 2.50 lakh passengers per day by the year 2027, underscoring the city's need for modern and efficient transportation solutions.

Phase 1 of the Indore Metro consists of the Yellow Line (Line-3), tracing a circular route from Palasia to Railway Station, Rajwara, Airport, Bhawarsala, MR10, and back to Palasia. With a length of 33.53 kilometers, this line encompasses both elevated and underground sections. Notably, construction is currently underway for a 16.217-kilometer stretch between Gandhi Nagar and Mumtaj Bag Colony.

This ambitious project will boast 30 stations, each serving as a vital node in the city's evolving transit landscape. From Palasia Square to Super Corridor 1, each station is poised to enhance accessibility, connectivity, and convenience for the people of Indore.

For more details, please explore the Indore Metro page of Metro Rail Today.


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