D-Wall work completed, construction of underground Meerut Central Metro will start soon

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D-Wall work completed, construction of underground Meerut Central Metro will start soon

New Delhi, India (Metro Rail Today): The construction work of D-Wall of under construction Meerut Central Metro Station of Meerut Metro has been completed. With this, the construction of the underground station has reached the next stage and further construction work will be done completely underground.

This metro station is about 285 meters long and 30 meters wide and is being constructed in the heart of the city. The road near which it is under construction is used by hundreds of people every day and it is always very crowded. Therefore, keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers, the construction work of this station will be completely underground in the coming time.

At present, the roof slab of this underground station is being constructed in barricading, closing a part of the Delhi-Meerut road, which is more than half completed. Once the roof slab is completed, the need for any kind of construction work on the road at ground level will be minimal. After this, all the work of station construction can be done underground inside. Also, the Delhi-Meerut road over the roof slab will be completely opened, which will ensure smooth flow of traffic. Only a few small barricading sections will be left on the road to clear the soil from the station.

It is a miracle of innovative technologies that underground station will continue to be built under the moving road and the vehicles and commuters on the road will not have to realize it, nor will they have to face any kind of inconvenience. Since the station is being constructed in the middle of the road, the construction was being done at a rapid pace by diverting traffic by closing the one-way road earlier. After the work is completed on that side, work is going on on the other side by opening that road.

For the construction of this underground station along with the construction of the roof slab on the road, the D wall of the entire station has been constructed by putting 127 D wall panels underground. In this station D wall panels have been inserted to a depth of about 23 metres. In this way an outer structure has been created around the entire station. This station is being built at a depth of about 17 meters.

The location of Meerut Central station is such that it will benefit hundreds of Meerut residents living in different areas of Meerut, who will be able to travel in different parts of the city at a faster speed, conveniently and conveniently. For the convenience of the passengers, 1-1 i.e. 2 entry-exit gates will be made on both sides of this station. Both these gates will be located at walking distance from Football Chowk. Escalators will be installed at both the entry and exit points from the ground level to the concourse level and from the concourse to the platform level.

This station will play an important role in the new traffic system of the city. A 21-km metro system is being built in Meerut city with 13 stations. The metro network will start from Meerut South and will go to Modipuram depot via Partapur, Rithani, Shatabdi Nagar, Brahmapuri, Meerut Central, Bhainsali, Begumpul, MES Colony, Daurali, Meerut North and Modipuram. Out of these, three stations Meerut Central, Bhainsali and Begumpul will be underground, while all other stations will be elevated.

It is to be noted that the Metro network in Meerut will operate on the same infrastructure as the Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridor. There will also be a provision for halting of RRTS trains at Meerut South, Shatabdi Nagar, Begumpul and Modipuram stations from where Meerut Metro passengers will be able to take trains to travel to Delhi etc.

For more details, please explore the Meerut Metro page of Metro Rail Today.


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