First Precast Viaduct U-Girder launched for Patna Metro's Corridor-I

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First Precast Viaduct U-Girder launched for Patna Metro's Corridor-I

Patna, India (Metro Rail Today): In a momentous development marking the progress of the Patna Metro Rail Project, the very first 170-ton Precast viaduct U-Girder for the 17.93 km (7.42 elevated and 10.51 underground) Corridor-I section was launched with pride and precision. This remarkable milestone was achieved on a significant occasion, National Engineers Day, at Pier/pillar number 133-134, situated between RPS More station and Patliputra Station.

A Glimpse into Corridor-I

Corridor-I encompasses a total of 14 stations, featuring a blend of elevated and underground marvels. The elevated stations include Danapur Cantonment, Saguna More, RPS More, Patliputra, Mithapur, Ramkrishna Nagar, and Jaganpura, while the underground stations consist of Rukanpura, Raja Bazar, Patna Zoo, Vikas Bhawan, Vidyut Bhawan, Patna Station, with interchange connectivity at Patna Station and Khemni Chak stations.

The Role of U-Girders

The U-Girders, essential structural components of this ambitious project, are meticulously casted at dedicated casting yards. These sturdy structures, weighing 170 tons each, serve as the supporting framework upon which the Metro tracks will be elegantly laid in due course.

Engineering Excellence

The length of this inaugural U-Girder stands at an impressive 28 meters, showcasing the precision and engineering excellence inherent in the Patna Metro Rail Project. As the project forges ahead, this launch stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise of the engineers and teams involved.

The launch of the first Precast viaduct U-Girder for Corridor-I heralds a promising future for Patna, promising modern, efficient, and reliable metro connectivity. As progress unfolds, this transformative development will continue to shape the city's transportation landscape, ensuring convenience and connectivity for its residents.


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