First safety trial run conducted on Bhopal Metro's Priority Corridor

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First safety trial run conducted on Bhopal Metro's Priority Corridor

Bhopal, India (Metro Rail Today): In a crucial step toward ensuring the safety and reliability of the Bhopal Metro, a meticulously planned safety trial run was successfully conducted today from Subhash Nagar Depot to Rani Kamala Pati Station.

The safety trial run, marked by precision and meticulous care, covered the entire stretch between Subhash Nagar Depot and Rani Kamala Pati Station. This stretch is part of Bhopal Metro's Orange Line connecting Karond Chauraha to AIIMS with 16 stations. This comprehensive trial run served as a litmus test for the metro system's operational readiness and safety measures, emphasizing the authorities' commitment to the well-being of future passengers.

The Bhopal Metro has generated considerable anticipation for its promise of efficient and eco-friendly transportation within the city. The successful completion of this safety trial run brings the city one step closer to realizing the benefits of a modern metro system.

The officials of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation, General Consultants and Other Authorities overseeing the Bhopal Metro Rail project have expressed satisfaction with the trial's results, signifying a positive outlook for the next phases of the metro's rollout. The safety trial underscores the importance placed on ensuring a safe and reliable mode of transportation for the residents of Bhopal.

On September 18, Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (MPMRCL) has received first 3-coach train set from the French multinational Rolling Stock leader Alstom Transport India. These ultramodern trains, known for their lightweight design, will gracefully traverse the 31-kilometer line in Bhopal, featuring 30 stations, as well as the 31.5-kilometer line in Indore, boasting 29 stations. The Bhopal-Indore Metro project will be bolstered by 27 trainsets in the 3-car configuration for Bhopal and 25 trainsets for Indore. With a passenger seating capacity of 50 and room for 300 standing passengers, these trains are set to redefine urban commuting.

As the project moves forward, the city eagerly awaits the day when the Bhopal Metro will become an integral part of its urban landscape, revolutionizing the way people commute and enhancing connectivity throughout the region.


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