Hydropath Technology installed in four key underground stations of Ahmedabad Metro

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Hydropath Technology installed in four key underground stations of Ahmedabad Metro

Ahmedabad, India (Metro Rail Today): In a significant stride towards enhancing water system efficiency and promoting sustainability in one of India's fastest-growing metro networks, Filfab Corporation (SMD) has announced the successful supply and installation of 12 of its cutting-edge Hydroflow anti-fouling systems, model P-190, at key underground metro stations in Ahmedabad.

Leading the Metro Revolution

As a pioneering expert in water treatment technology, Hydroflow has long been at the forefront of innovative solutions for some of the most complex water-related challenges in various industries. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to sustainable practices, Filfab’s recent collaboration with the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project is a testament to the company's dedication to making India a better place to live. Filfab Corporation is authorized sole Indian representative of Hydropath Technology, United Kingdom.

Metro Stations Transformed

The Hydroflow anti-fouling systems have been strategically deployed across four vital metro stations in Ahmedabad, including Kalupur, Kankaria, Gheekanta, and Shahpur metro stations. These stations serve as critical hubs for commuters and are integral to the city's public transportation network.

Ensuring Chiller Efficiency

One of the core challenges faced by metro stations, especially in a climate as diverse as India's, is maintaining the efficiency of cooling systems. The Dunham-Bush chillers at these metro stations play a pivotal role in ensuring passenger comfort. However, they often face issues related to scale fouling, which can hinder their performance and increase maintenance costs.

The Hydroflow Solution

Hydropath's anti-fouling technology presents an innovative solution to these challenges. The P-190 model, specifically designed for industrial applications, utilizes advanced electronic ferrite water conditioning to reduce the formation of scale and eliminate existing deposits. This breakthrough technology not only ensures the longevity and efficiency of cooling systems but also reduces the need for costly and environmentally harmful chemical treatments.

Customer-Centric Approach

Filfab’s partnership with esteemed clients like the Dunham-Bush reflects its commitment to delivering tangible benefits to its customers. By addressing the persistent fouling issues faced by the metro's cooling systems, Hydroflow is helping enhance passenger experiences, reduce operational costs, and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Sterling & Wilson Inspection

The installation of Hydropath's anti-fouling systems at these metro stations was carried out under the vigilant inspection of Sterling & Wilson, a globally recognized engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company. This ensures that the installation and integration of the technology meet the highest industry standards.

A Sustainable Future

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, Hydropath's anti-fouling technology aligns perfectly with India's commitment to environmental responsibility. By significantly reducing the need for chemical treatments and minimizing maintenance downtime, Hydroflow contributes to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future for Ahmedabad's metro system.

Helping India Live Better

Hydropath's endeavour in making India a better place to live goes beyond technology. By ensuring the efficiency of critical infrastructure like metro cooling systems, Hydroflow plays an integral role in improving operations, reducing energy consumption, and conserving precious water resources.

The successful deployment of Hydropath's anti-fouling systems across Ahmedabad's metro stations is a significant milestone, marking a brighter, more sustainable future for India's public transportation. As Hydroflow continues to innovate and collaborate with visionary organizations, it paves the way for a greener, more efficient, and more prosperous India.


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