Plasser India signs MoU with GatiShakti Vishwavidyalaya to revolutionise Rail Sector

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Plasser India signs MoU with GatiShakti Vishwavidyalaya to revolutionise Rail Sector

Vadodara, India (Metro Rail Today): In a significant move poised to transform the landscape of rail sector education and training in India, Plasser India, a subsidiary of the globally renowned Plasser & Theurer group from Austria, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya (GSV) in Vadodara. GSV, India’s first university specializing in transportation and logistics, will collaborate with Plasser India to enhance the scientific, technological, and management skills necessary for the rail sector.

The MoU was signed by Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Choudhary, Vice-Chancellor of Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya, and Siegfried Fink, Managing Director of Plasser India. The event was graced by the presence of Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Minister of Railways, Communications, Electronics & Information Technology, and Jaya Varma Sinha, Chairperson & CEO, Railway Board along with senior officials from the Railway Board, GSV, and Plasser India.

The collaboration between Plasser India and GSV is set to revolutionize the rail industry by integrating advanced research, teaching, and training methodologies. The partnership aims to create a robust educational framework that aligns with the evolving demands of the rail sector. By focusing on joint research initiatives, the development of an enriched academic curriculum, and executive training programs, this alliance will nurture a new generation of skilled professionals equipped to tackle the challenges of modern rail infrastructure.

Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Choudhary expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "This MoU marks a new era of industry-academic partnership that will drive innovation and elevate the standards of rail sector education in India. Our students will greatly benefit from the practical insights and cutting-edge research facilitated by Plasser India."

Siegfried Fink echoed this sentiment, highlighting the mutual benefits of the partnership. "Plasser India is committed to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within the rail industry. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide students with unparalleled opportunities to engage in real-world projects and research that will shape the future of rail transport."

The MoU outlines several strategic objectives that underscore the importance of this partnership:

  1. Enhanced Curriculum Development: Plasser India will work closely with GSV to develop a curriculum that reflects the latest technological advancements and industry practices in the rail sector. This will ensure that students receive an education that is both comprehensive and relevant.

  2. Joint Research Initiatives: The partnership will facilitate joint research projects aimed at addressing critical challenges in rail infrastructure and operations. This collaborative research will not only advance knowledge but also lead to practical solutions that can be implemented within the industry.

  3. International Collaborations: Both entities will explore partnerships with international institutes to bring global perspectives and expertise to the academic and research programs at GSV. This will provide students with a broader understanding of global rail industry trends and practices.

  4. Internship and Placement Opportunities: Plasser India will offer internship and placement opportunities to GSV students, providing them with hands-on experience and exposure to real-world applications of their academic learning.

This pioneering partnership is poised to drive significant advancements in rail infrastructure by leveraging the combined expertise of Plasser India and GSV. With nearly six decades of experience in partnering with Indian Railways, Plasser India has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions for track maintenance, track laying, and track renewal. The company’s commitment to the Make-in-India initiative is evident through its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Karjan, Gujarat, which not only serves the Indian market but also caters to global demands.

Plasser India's Managing Director, Siegfried Fink, emphasized the company's dedication to promoting innovation and eco-friendliness in rail infrastructure. "Our goal is to provide sustainable and cost-efficient solutions that enhance the operational efficiency of rail networks. This collaboration with GSV will enable us to develop a skilled workforce that is capable of driving these innovations forward."

Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya, funded by the Ministry of Railways, stands as India’s premier institution dedicated to the transportation and logistics sectors. The university offers a unique blend of applied and multidisciplinary education, executive training, and research opportunities. Its emphasis on experiential learning and an academia-industry interface ensures that students are well-prepared to meet the demands of the rail and logistics industries.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Choudhary highlighted the university’s mission to create top-quality manpower through its specialized programs. "At GSV, we are committed to providing our students with an education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. This collaboration with Plasser India will significantly enhance our ability to deliver on this promise."

The collaboration between Plasser India and Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya is expected to yield long-term benefits for the rail sector in India. By fostering a culture of innovation and excellence, this partnership will contribute to the sustained growth and development of the industry.

The signing of the MoU between Plasser India and Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya marks a significant milestone in the evolution of rail sector education and training in India. This partnership is set to drive innovation, enhance the skill sets of future professionals, and contribute to the overall development of the rail industry. By combining academic rigor with practical industry insights, Plasser India and GSV are poised to create a new paradigm in rail sector education.


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