Three firms in race of DDC contract of Bhubaneswar Metro Phase 1

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Three firms in race of DDC contract of Bhubaneswar Metro Phase 1

Bhubaneswar, India (Metro Rail Today): The Bhubaneswar Metro Phase 1 project has reached a critical juncture as three consulting firms have submitted bids for the Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) contract BCDD-02. This development follows the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) opening the technical bids in late May, marking a significant step towards realizing this ambitious urban infrastructure project.

The scope of the BCDD-02 contract is divided into two major parts, both vital for the comprehensive development of the Bhubaneswar Metro. The first part involves the architectural, electrical & mechanical (E&M), traction, and civil works for the Phulapokhari Depot and its Operational Control Centre (OCC). This depot will serve the 26.04 km Line-1, which connects Biju Patnaik Airport to Trisulia Square. The construction of this facility is being handled under Package BBC-02, and a contract was awarded to MIA Construction on June 14.

The second part of the contract focuses on proof-checking various critical components of Line 1. This includes the substructure of the viaduct, the special span likely situated over Indian Railways' line on Barang Road, the stations, and the 750V DC traction and power supply works. This phase ensures that every element of the metro system is thoroughly examined and meets the highest standards of safety and reliability.

DMRC initiated the bidding process for this consultancy contract in March 2024, with an estimated cost of Rs. 22.20 crore and a 36-month deadline. The technical bids, opened on May 22, have been under evaluation since late May, a process that can take several months to complete. Once this evaluation is finished, the financial bids of the technically qualified firms will be opened to determine the lowest bidder and the most likely consultant for the project.

The firms that have submitted bids for the BCDD-02 contract are:

  • Ayesa India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. (ICT)
  • STUP Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

With a solid track record in civil and structural engineering, STUP Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has been a pivotal player in various infrastructure projects. Their bid for the Bhubaneswar Metro DDC contract demonstrates their readiness to contribute their expertise and experience to this important urban development initiative.

DMRC’s brief scope for the selected consultant includes the detailed design of architectural and building services, encompassing E&M and traction works, as well as civil works for the depot and OCC building. Additionally, the consultant will be responsible for proof-checking the substructure of the viaduct and the special span, including its superstructure and stations along Line-1 from Biju Patnaik Airport to Trisulia Square. The project also involves 750V DC traction and power supply works for the elevated stations and depot.

The Phulapokhari Depot (BBC-02) and the stations along the KIIT Square to Trisulia Square stretch, which fall under Package BBC-05, are integral parts of the metro’s infrastructure. The depot’s layout, as detailed in DMRC’s tender documents, highlights the comprehensive planning involved in this project. The layout includes facilities for train maintenance, stabling, and an operational control center to manage metro operations effectively.

As the technical evaluation of bids continues, the anticipation builds for the opening of the financial bids. This step will determine the lowest bidder and the consultant who will oversee the project's detailed design and proof-checking phases. The involvement of leading consulting firms in the bidding process underscores the high standards expected in the execution of the Bhubaneswar Metro project.

In parallel, technical bids for the mainline’s construction packages BBC-03, BBC-04, and BBC-05 were also opened recently. The outcomes of these bids will further shape the roadmap for the Bhubaneswar Metro project, providing more clarity on the future progress of the metro line. Stakeholders and interested parties are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the bidders’ names, which will offer more insight into the project's development.

The Bhubaneswar Metro project, an ambitious initiative aimed at enhancing urban mobility, is poised to transform the city’s public transportation landscape. The completion of the DDC contract and subsequent construction phases will mark significant milestones in the project. The metro line promises to provide a reliable, efficient, and sustainable mode of transportation for the residents of Bhubaneswar. As the city continues to grow, the metro system will play a crucial role in mitigating traffic congestion, reducing pollution, and promoting economic development.

The Bhubaneswar Metro Phase 1 project’s DDC contract bidding process highlights the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders in bringing this transformative project to fruition. With the technical bids under evaluation and the financial bids set to be opened soon, the project is moving steadily towards its goal. The eventual selection of a consultant will pave the way for meticulous planning and execution, ensuring the successful completion of this critical infrastructure project. Bhubaneswar’s residents can look forward to a modern, efficient, and reliable metro system that will significantly enhance their quality of life.


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