Ritwik Projects awarded ₹589.5 crore civil contracts for Mumbai Metro's Kasheli Depot

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Ritwik Projects awarded ₹589.5 crore civil contracts for Mumbai Metro's Kasheli Depot

Mumbai, India (Metro Rail Today): Mumbai's ever-expanding metro network is set to take another significant leap forward with the latest developments in Mumbai Metro Line 5. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has just taken a crucial step by awarding the contract for the construction of Line 5's trainset maintenance depot at Kasheli.

This new depot, set to occupy a sprawling 27 hectares of land, is a pivotal component of Mumbai's metro infrastructure. Ritwik Projects has secured the contract for this vital project with a quoted amount of Rs. 589.5 crores (Rs 589,56,02,078). 

Facilities at Kasheli Metro Depot

The Kasheli Metro Depot is envisioned to be a hub of metro operations, ensuring the seamless functioning of Line 5. It boasts an impressive array of facilities, including:

1. Trainset Parking: With a parking capacity for 30 trainsets simultaneously, the depot ensures that the metro's fleet is stored safely and efficiently when not in use.

2. Comprehensive Infrastructure: The depot will feature a stabling yard, a hazard store building, a heavy wash plant, an underground tank, and a Depot Control Center (DCC). These elements are crucial for the maintenance and day-to-day operations of the metro system.

3. Administrative and Workshop Facilities: To support the depot's functions, there will be administrative and central store buildings, a workshop and inspection building, and a C.M. V. Building, providing the necessary administrative and logistical support.

4. Supporting Utilities: The depot will also house essential utilities like a Receiving Substation (RSS), a Test Track, and ETP & STP (Effluent Treatment Plant & Sewage Treatment Plant), emphasizing the importance of environmental sustainability in modern metro infrastructure.

5. Security Measures: Safety and security are paramount. The depot will be equipped with a Compound Wall, Security Watch Tower, and staff accommodations to ensure the well-being of both personnel and the metro system.

According to MMRDA, the Kasheli Depot serves a multifaceted purpose in the metro network. It is a critical facility for commissioning and maintaining the metro corridors, encompassing functions such as car storage, operations, train parking, minor train repairs, heavy equipment handling and testing, cleaning, and periodic inspections.

Mumbai Metro Line 5 spans an impressive 24.9 kilometers, connecting Thane to Bhiwandi and subsequently Kalyan. The project is being executed in two phases. The first phase, covering 11.9 kilometers between Thane and Bhiwandi, is nearing completion, with approximately 80 percent of the work done. Once operational, Line 5 is anticipated to serve around 3 lakh daily commuters, offering a convenient and efficient transportation option for the ever-growing population of Mumbai's metropolitan region.

The construction of the Kasheli Depot underscores the city's commitment to modern, sustainable, and efficient public transportation. With this crucial facility in place, Mumbai Metro Line 5 is well on its way to becoming a vital artery in the city's transportation network, promising a brighter, more connected future for its residents.



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