Construction work commences on new underground section of Kanpur Metro Line 2

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Construction work commences on new underground section of Kanpur Metro Line 2

Kanpur, India (Metro Rail Today): The Kanpur Metro project has taken a significant step forward with the initiation of excavation work at Rawatpur Underground Station for the Corridor-2 extension. This development marks a crucial phase in the construction process, following the awarding of the tender in December 2023.

Rawatpur Station holds strategic importance as it serves as the interchange point between Corridor 1 and Corridor 2, facilitating seamless transfers for commuters traveling between different parts of the city. The upcoming 4.10 km underground section, stretching from Rawatpur to Double Pulia, is a vital component of Corridor-2's expansion.

Today, at approximately 12:00 noon, the excavation process for the first Diaphragm Wall (D-Wall) commenced at Rawatpur Underground Station. This milestone event was attended by senior officials from UPMRC and contracting agencies, signifying the transition to the next stage of construction.

The D-Wall serves as the boundary of the underground metro station and consists of small rectangular panels. In the case of Rawatpur Metro Station, approximately 65 panels of varying sizes will constitute the D-Wall. These panels, with a width of around 5-6 meters and a thickness of approximately 0.8 meters, will extend to a depth of approximately 19 meters, necessitating excavation up to approximately 21 meters below ground level.

The construction of underground metro stations in Corridor-2 will employ the Top-Down Method, wherein construction progresses from the top to the bottom. This approach minimizes disruptions to traffic flow by initially preparing the roof slab and subsequently constructing concourse platform levels. By adopting this method, the impact on road traffic is mitigated, allowing for smoother movement of vehicles during the construction phase.

Managing Director of UPMRC, Shri Sushil Kumar, commended the entire team for their efforts, emphasizing the significance of advancing construction activities for Corridor-2. He highlighted the transformative impact of the metro stations, which will provide residents with a convenient and efficient mode of transportation, ultimately leading to savings in time, energy, and money.

Currently, commuter services are operational on a 9 km long Priority Section of Corridor-1 (IIT-Motijheel) under the Kanpur Metro project. Alongside the construction progress in Corridor-2, work is also underway on various sections of Corridor-1, further bolstering the city's metro network.

As construction continues to progress, the Kanpur Metro project remains committed to enhancing urban mobility and connectivity, ushering in a new era of public transportation for the city's residents.


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