Indore Metro successfully conducts first safety trial run of three-coach train

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Indore Metro successfully conducts first safety trial run of three-coach train

Indore, India (Metro Rail Today): The Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (MPMRCL) achieved a significant milestone with a seamless safety run conducted on a small stretch of Indore Metro Rail Project, signaling the progress of preparations for the upcoming trial run. The trial run was conducted between Gandhi Nagar Depot to Super Corridor-03 Metro Station in the evening of 13th September 2023.

Manish Singh, MD of MPMRCL oversaw the safety run, which commenced from the Inspection Bay Line (IBL) at the Gandhi Nagar depot, covering a distance of approximately 400 to 500 meters at a cautious pace. The safety checks included evaluating the train's horn functionality. The official trial run of the Metro is scheduled for September 15.

Following the safety run, the train was returned to the depot for parking, setting the stage for the forthcoming trial run. During the safety run, the train also moved in reverse, allowing for comprehensive assessments of electrical, mechanical, and software-related components.

Post the successful safety run, Manish Singh and a team of officials visited Gandhi Nagar station. Singh inspected both civil and system works and expressed his satisfaction. He emphasized the importance of completing the (PEB) structure/shed work and took the opportunity to commend and motivate the workers who were diligently working, even in adverse weather conditions.

The MD conducted thorough inspections of entry and exit points at the station, escalators, lifts, (PEB) structure/shed, tracks, and fire-fighting equipment. He directed the workers to ensure that cleaning and housekeeping work are promptly completed.

While the trial run is anticipated to take place around mid-September, the commencement of commercial passenger operations is expected in May-June 2024. This progress marks an exciting step forward for the Indore Metro project.

On September 1, the first three-coach train was delivered to MPMRCL by Alstom Transport India from Savli Facility Centre.


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