Mors Smitt will supply Rolling Stock safety equipment for India's first RRTS trains

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Mors Smitt will supply Rolling Stock safety equipment for India's first RRTS trains

New Delhi, India (Metro Rail Today): With speeds of up to 180 km/h Delhi’s first new semi-high speed trains will take passengers to the city suburbs three times faster than the metro network and the National Capital Region (NCR) works on the further development of Regional Rapid Transport System (RRTS) commuter services and regional pathways for India.

The quality, safety and long-term reliability of train components and systems are of paramount importance to most train builders and operators and are a key requirement of the prestigious RRTS semi-high speed trains.  

Mors Smitt, a division of the Wabtec Corporation, will supply rolling stock relays and hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers to protect and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the various train systems throughout the more than 210 new cars involved in the project. Relays will control a number of critical functions including door operation, on-board signaling, emergency braking, battery monitoring, lighting applications and the interface with the Train Control Management System (TCMS).

"Mors Smitt brand has a proven pedigree in supplying rolling stock relays throughout the world in challenging environments. They are specially designed and proven over many years to align with and meet specific railway standards where high performance and reliability are pre-requisites for ensuring long life-cycles and train operation safety," said a statement.

In addition to relays and to prevent damage and wear and tear to the pantograph and protect the overhead line infrastructure and onboard electronic equipment, Mors Smitt is also supplying its Automatic Power Control (APC) system which is to be fitted on 40 trains. An APC receiver detects APC magnets on the approach and exit of a neutral section, initiating the APC control unit to switch the onboard main circuit breaker, thus protecting the headline and onboard equipment from electrical damage and arcing.

The development of a Regional Rapid Transport System is a key development for the Delhi-NCR region and will greatly enhance rail transportation throughout the region making a significant contribution to the commuting convenience for millions of passengers living in the area. 


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