Riyadh Metro Extends Design and Build Tender Prequalification Deadline

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Riyadh Metro Extends Design and Build Tender Prequalification Deadline

Riyad, Saudi Arabia (Metro Rail Today): In a strategic move by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC), the prequalification deadline for companies interested in participating in the design and build phase of the Riyadh Metro Line 7 project has been extended until 15 February. This extension is a deliberate effort to encourage broader participation and ensure the selection of highly qualified consortia for this significant project.

The consortia vying for the Riyadh Metro Line 7 project are strategically structured, each incorporating a rolling stock supplier. These consortia include:

  • Alstom Consortium: Alstom (France), Freysinnet Contracting (local), WeBuild (Italy), FCC (Spain), Nesma (local)
  • Siemens Consortium: Siemens (Germany), Samsung C+T (South Korea), Acciona (Spain), Alayuni (local)
  • Hitachi Rail Consortium: Hitachi Rail (Japan), Daewoo (South Korea), Hyundai E&C (South Korea), Gulermak (Turkiye), Albawani (local)

Design consultants for these consortia are playing a crucial role in shaping the project:

  • Alstom-led Consortium: Spanish consulting firms Typsa, Ayesa, and US-based Aecom
  • Siemens-led Consortium: Spain-headquartered Idom, South Korea’s Dowha, and Switzerland’s Pini
  • Hitachi Rail-led Consortium: US-based Jacobs

Riyadh Metro Line 7: Phases and Ambitions

The Riyadh Metro Line 7 project unfolds in two key phases, each designed to address vital destinations and enhance overall city connectivity.

Phase 1 Highlights: The initial phase focuses on constructing a metro line connecting Qiddiya Entertainment City, King Abdullah International Gardens, King Salman Park, Misk City, and Diriyah Gate. Covering approximately 65 km, with 47 km underground and 19 km elevated, this phase includes the establishment of 19 stations, 14 underground and 5 above ground.

Phase 2 Vision: The subsequent phase aims to connect Diriyah Gate with New Murabba and King Khaled International Airport, further contributing to the comprehensive transportation network of the city. Currently in the study stage, Phase 2 is undergoing detailed planning.

Riyadh Metro Project Overview and Recent Developments

The Riyadh Metro project stands as one of the world’s largest public transport networks, featuring six lines and a total of 84 stations. In November 2022, RCRC finalized agreements with three contracting consortia involved in the project, focusing on the completion of the remaining works. However, the project encountered challenges in recent years, experiencing a slowdown in construction due to disputes over prolongation and the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key construction packages were awarded as follows:

  • Fast consortium secured lines 4, 5, and 6, with an estimated value of $7.82 billion.
  • Bacs consortium was awarded lines 1 and 2 for $9.45 billion.
  • Arriyadh New Mobility secured Line 3 for $5.21 billion.

Leading these consortiums are notable entities such as Bechtel, Ansaldo STS, and FCC Construccion.

AtkinsRealis has played a crucial role, in delivering program management and supervision services for the operations and maintenance of the Riyadh Metro scheme.

A Pivotal Moment for Riyadh Metro Line 7

The extension of the prequalification deadline for Riyadh Metro Line 7 signals a pivotal moment in the project's timeline. By welcoming more participants, RCRC is ensuring that only the most capable consortia contribute to the realization of this crucial infrastructure. As Riyadh continues to evolve its public transport infrastructure, the Riyadh Metro remains a cornerstone in shaping the city's future connectivity and accessibility.


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