Kanpur Metro: Project Information, Routes, Fares and other Details

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Kanpur Metro: Project Information, Routes, Fares and other Details

Kanpur city is famous for its leather and textile industries. It is the 12th most populous city and the 11th most populous urban agglomeration in India. Kanpur was an important British garrison town until 1947, when India gained independence. The urban district of Kanpur Nagar serves as the headquarters of the Kanpur Division, Kanpur Range and Kanpur Zone.Construction of the orange line begun on 15 November 2019 with the 8.98 km stretch from IIT Kanpur to Motijheel and inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 28 December 2021.

Project Summary

  • Project Name: Kanpur Metro Rail Project
  • Owner: Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited
  • Project Type: Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)
  • Project Cost: INR 11,076.48 Crores
  • Shares: Govt. of India and Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
  • External Funding: European Investment Bank (INR 5552 crores)
  • Completion Target: 2021 (Priority Corridor), 2024 (Phase 1)
  • Status: Operational - since Dec 28, 2021

Project Details

Line            Routes   Length   Current Status  
1    IIT Kanpur - Naubasta   23.78 km   Partially Operational (8.7 km)  

Operational Routes

Line:1 IIT Kanpur - Moti Jheel (Phase-I)

  • Total Length: 8.98 km
  • Total Stations: 9
  • Station Names: IIT Kanpur, Kalyanpur Railway Station, SPM Hospital, CSJM University, Gurudev Chauraha, Geeta Nagar, Rawatpur Railway Station, Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital and Moti Jhil.
  • Depot: Polytechnic Depot (Near Gurudev Chauraha)


Distance   Fare
Upto 1 Km    ₹11
1 Km to 2 Km   ₹17
2 Km to 6 Km   ₹22
6 Km to 9 Km   ₹33

Route Map

Click here to view Kanpur Metro Route Map

Project Information

Under Construction Routes

Line-1:Chunniganj - Naubasta(Phase-I)

  • Length: 15 km 
  • Total Stations: 22 
  • Station Names: Chunniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha, Nayaganj, Birhana Road, Kanpur Central Railway Station, ISBT Jhakarkatti, Old Transport Nagar, Kidwai Nagar North, Kidwai Nagar South, Yashoda Nagar, Baudh Nagar and Naubasta.
  • Depot: Government Polytechnic
  • Status: Partly Operational.

Line-2: Agriculture University - Barra 8(Phase-I)

  • Project Cost: NA
  • Total Length: 8.6 km
  • Total Stations: 8
  • Station Names: Agriculture University, Rawatpur Railway, Kakadeo, Vijay Nagar Chauraha, Govind Nagar, Barra-7 Road and Barra-8.
  • Status: Under consideration

Project Cost & Funding:

Phase   Project Cost    Funding By
Phase 1   11076 Crore   Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited

 Deadline: 28 December 2021

Technical Information

  • Design Speed:80 kmph
  • Track Gauge: Standard Gauge – 1435 mm
  • Electrification: 750 V DC third rail
  • Signalling System: Communications-based Train Control (CBTC)
  • Rolling stock: NA

Major Contracts

Civil/Construction Contracts

Package   Contractors   Work Description
DDC Line 1 & line 2   SYSTRA – SYSTRA MVA Consulting (India) Pvt. Ltd. JV   Kanpur Metro Line-1’s Detailed Design Consultant, Kanpur Metro Line-2’s Detailed Design Consultant
KNPCC-02(R1)   Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.   Construction of IIT – Moti Jheel (8.728 km elevated viaduct, 9 stations)
KNPCC-03   K.S.M. Bashir Mohammad & Sons   Construction of Line-1’s Govt Polytechnic Depot & Workshop
KNPCC-04   SAM (India) Builtwell Pvt. Ltd.   Architectural finishing at 9 stations between IIT Kanpur – Moti Jheel
KNPCC-05   Gulermak-Sam India JV   Construction of 3.9 km tunnels and 4 stations at Chunniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj
KNPCC-06   Afcons - SAM India is lowest bidder   Construction of 4.6 km tunnels and 3 stations at Kanpur Central, Jhakarkatti and Transport Nagar
KNPCC-07   JMC Projects   Construction of 5.4 km elevated viaduct and 5 stations at Baradevi, Kidwai Nagar, Vasant Vihar, Baudh Nagar & Naubasta
KNPCC-10    Vishnu Saran and Company   Construction of Residential, Non Residential and Institutional buildings at Kanpur and Multi Storied Officers Colony of UPMRC inside Kanpur Metro Depot

System Contracts 

Package   Contractors   Work Description
KNPAGRS-01   Alstom(Won By Bombardier Transportation)   Supply of 201 standard gauge cars (rolling stock) including Train Control & Signalling System for Agra & Kanpur metro projects
KNPE-1&2   Sterling Wilson - GSC JV   Supply of 750 Volts DC Third Rail Rail Traction System, 33kV Cable Network, ASS, TSS & SCADA System
KNPAGT-3   Larsen & Toubro   Supply of ballastless track for Kanpur & Agra metros and fastening systems (viaduct, underground & depots)
KNPAFC-01   State Bank of India (Aurionpro)   Supply of Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System on PPP
KNAG-01   HYT Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd.   CNC Under Floor Pit Wheel Lathe Machine
KNAG-02   ZAGRO Bahn-und Baumaschinen GmbH   Battery Operated Road Cum Rail Vehicle (Electric Bogie Tractor)
KNAG-03   Pfaff Verkehrstechnik GmbH   Synchronized Pit Jacks & Mobile Jacks
KNAG-04   Lai Yew Seng (India) Pvt. Ltd   Supply of Bogie Turn Table
KNAG-06(R1)   Phooltas Transrail   Supply of Rescue Vehicle
KNAG-07(R1)   Cyclosystem India Pvt. Ltd.   Supply of Automatic Train Washing Plant
KNPAGE-3   Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd.   Supply of Elevators / Lifts (machine room-less for both lines of Kanpur Metro & Line-1 of Agra Metro)
KNPAGS-1   HFCL Ltd.   Supply of Telecommunications Systems
KNPAGT-2   Voestalpine VAE India Pvt. Ltd.   Supply of Standard Gauge UIC 60 Turnouts, Scissor Crossovers, Check Rails etc. for Kanpur and Agra Metro
KNPAGT-1   East Metals AG   Supply of 17,700 MT Head Hardened Rails for Agra & Kanpur metro projects

Misc. Contracts 

Package   Contractors   Work Description
GC   TYPSA-ltalferr JV   Kanpur Metro’s General Consultant
DDC Line 1 & line 2   SYSTRA – SYSTRA MVA Consulting (India) Pvt. Ltd. JV   Kanpur Metro Line-1’s Detailed Design Consultant, Kanpur Metro Line-2’s Detailed Design Consultant

Progress So Far

  • Jan 2018: UP Government Cabinet approved the plan for Metro Rail projects in Kanpur, Agra, and Meerut.
  • Jun 2018: Union Finance Ministry gave its in-principle approval to Kanpur Metro along with Agra, Meerut, Indore, and Bhopal.
  • Sep 2018: UP Govt. sent a revised Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the Metro Rail project to Central Govt. for approval.
  • 15 Nov 2019: UP Chief Minister laid the foundation stone of the project.
  • 10 Nov 2021: Trial run started on 9-km priority corridor.
  • 28 Dec, 2021: 9-km priority section between IIT & Motijhil opened for the public.

Metro Authority  Contact details

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited

Administrative Building, Vipin Khand,

Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010 (UP)

Tel: 0522-2288869, 0522-2304014

Website: lmrcl.com



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