Metro Rail Today March 2024 - Women's Day Special

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Metro Rail Today March 2024 - Women's Day Special

In celebration of International Women's Day, this edition of Metro Rail Today Magazine pays homage to the remarkable achievements of women leaders in the rail and metro sectors. As we reflect on their contributions, we are privileged to feature insightful articles penned by industry experts, shedding light on the macroscopic impact of strategic investments in metro and MRTS, and showcasing the top 10 trailblazing Indian women leaders in these domains.

In honor of Lt. Sarah Kidder, the world's first woman railroad operator, we present an exclusive article commemorating her pioneering spirit and enduring legacy. Lt. Kidder's groundbreaking role serves as an inspiration to women worldwide, reaffirming their resilience and capability in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Furthermore, we had the privilege of interviewing two distinguished women leaders who have been instrumental in shaping the future of metro rail in India. Mrs. Ashwini Bhide, IAS, Managing Director of Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC), and Dr. Sujatha Narayan, Sr. Vice President & Regional Leader at Wabtec Corporation India, shared their insights and experiences, offering valuable perspectives on leadership, innovation, and inclusivity.

Additionally, we bring you a special story highlighting the historic milestone of India's first underwater metro rail tunnel, recently inaugurated in Kolkata as part of the East-West Metro Corridor. This engineering marvel not only enhances connectivity but also exemplifies India's commitment to pioneering advancements in urban transportation infrastructure.

As we celebrate the achievements of women in the rail and metro sectors, let us recognize and appreciate their invaluable contributions to shaping a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient future for transportation systems worldwide.

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