Hyundai Rotem awarded $664 million contract to supply Trains for Los Angeles Metro

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Hyundai Rotem awarded $664 million contract to supply Trains for Los Angeles Metro

Los Angeles, United States (Metro Rail Today): In a significant development, Hyundai Rotem, the Korean manufacturing giant, has triumphed over its competitor Stadler, securing a lucrative $663.7 million contract with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACMTA). This deal involves the delivery of 182 HR5000 cars, strategically timed to be ready for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

Hyundai Rotem's successful bid will see the delivery of 182 HR5000 cars, each capable of accommodating 245 passengers. The trains, designed to operate in sets of two with the ability for up to three trains to run simultaneously, will ply the tracks of LA Metro's B (Red) Line and D (Purple) Line. The B Line spans 16.4 miles from downtown LA to northern Hollywood, while the D Line covers 6.4 miles between downtown LA and Koreatown.

In a commitment to meet the demands of the impending Los Angeles 2028 Olympics and Paralympics, Hyundai Rotem has undertaken to deliver the new trains on time. The increased passenger numbers expected during the Olympics pose a challenge that Hyundai Rotem aims to meet head-on.

A spokesperson for Hyundai Rotem expressed confidence, stating, “Based on the experience and capabilities we have accumulated while carrying out numerous local projects in the United States, we will do our best to deliver electric trains that will satisfy both local citizens and tourists.”

LACMTA emphasizes that the decision to award the contract was based on various factors, extending beyond the price. Criteria such as contract fulfillment ability, performance, quality, and technology played a crucial role in the selection process. Despite being the most expensive bid, Hyundai Rotem's overall competency secured the win.

Stadler, Hyundai Rotem's competitor, raised questions about the bid assessment methodology. However, LACMTA stands by its decision, reinforcing that Hyundai Rotem's excellence in various aspects justified the choice.

Last summer, LACMTA received the first batch of HR4000 trains, part of a previous order from CRRC. These trains, though delayed, are expected to commence service later this year on the B and D lines. The HR4000 order marked the initiation of a $647 million framework deal, including options for an additional 218 vehicles, which LACMTA has yet to exercise.

Hyundai Rotem's triumph in securing the $664 million contract for 182 HR5000 cars underscores its commitment to advancing rail transportation in Los Angeles. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge electric trains ahead of the 2028 Olympics, Hyundai Rotem is poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing the city's public transit system. As LACMTA continues to invest in modernizing its fleet, Hyundai Rotem's win sets the stage for a transformative era in Los Angeles' rail network.


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