NHSRCL opens High-Speed Rail Track Slab Manufacturing Facility in Anand, Gujarat

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NHSRCL opens High-Speed Rail Track Slab Manufacturing Facility in Anand, Gujarat

New Delhi, India (Metro Rail Today):  India's ambitious Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail (MAHSR) project takes a giant leap forward with the inauguration of a cutting-edge Track Slab Manufacturing Facility (TSMF) near Anand, Gujarat. This fully automated facility represents a significant milestone in the construction of the ballast-less track for the MAHSR corridor.

State-of-the-Art Facility

The facility, sprawling across an impressive 1 lakh square meters, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to produce 45,000 precast track slabs needed for the MAHSR project. What's truly remarkable is that this entire facility was constructed in just eight months, from the inception of civil works. With 60 high-precision molds in place, the facility has the capacity to manufacture an impressive 60 track slabs per day.

A Crucial Requirement

For every track kilometer, approximately 200 track slabs are required. This facility can store up to 9000 track slabs, ensuring a seamless track installation process. This development marks a crucial step in expediting the construction of the high-speed rail corridor, which promises to revolutionize intercity travel in India.

Fully Automated Operations

The Track Slab Manufacturing Facility boasts a fully automated Concrete Distribution System, streamlining production. Several ancillary facilities support slab production, including fully automated rebar processing machines, a Rebar Yard for cage fabrication, an RO plant, Boiler plant, Curing ponds, Electric overhead travelling (EOT) cranes, and Gantry Cranes. These modern machines and equipment ensure the efficient handling of track slab components.

Japanese Expertise

Prior to commencing production, a Training & Certification course was organized to ensure the highest standards. Japanese experts mobilized through T&C agency JARTS from Japan, played a pivotal role in imparting training to Indian Engineers, sharing their expertise and practices followed in Japan. This collaboration reflects the commitment to achieving world-class quality and efficiency.

Expansion Plans

The MAHSR project continues to expand its footprint. Another track slab manufacturing facility is in the works at Kim Village near Surat district in Gujarat. This facility will cater to the construction of track slabs for a 236-kilometer stretch of the MAHSR corridor in Gujarat, further accelerating progress on this transformative project.

As India races towards achieving a more connected and accessible future, facilities like the Track Slab Manufacturing Facility near Anand stand as a testament to the nation's commitment to infrastructure development and modernization. With each milestone achieved, the dream of high-speed rail travel in India becomes ever closer to reality.

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