Webuild-FCC JV awarded Station and Tunnel Contract of Ontario Metro

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Webuild-FCC JV awarded Station and Tunnel Contract of Ontario Metro

Toronto, Canada (Metro Rail Today): In a significant milestone for the infrastructure sector, the Webuild Group, in collaboration with Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas Canada Ltd. (“FCC Canada”), has clinched a substantial contract for the "Pape Tunnel and Underground Stations (PTUS)" section of the Ontario Line in Toronto. This first phase of development for the Ontario Line, a new rapid transit line, is poised to transform the city's transportation landscape.

The estimated total value of the contract falls within the range of approximately €700 million to €1.3 billion (CAD 1-2 billion), with the final contract value contingent upon the detailed design, a crucial element included in the agreement. The Ontario Line, designed to accommodate Toronto's projected population surge from 6 million to over 8 million by 2030, is a critical infrastructural investment.

Webuild, holding a 50 percent stake, spearheads the joint venture responsible for designing and constructing the PTUS section. Notably, the contract will follow the "Progressive Design-Build" model, an innovative approach gaining popularity in the infrastructure sector. This model ensures close collaboration between the client, contractor, and designer, mitigating execution risks during the startup and construction phases.

The PTUS contract encompasses the design, construction, supply, and operation of three kilometers of twin tunnels, two underground stations, and an interface with the Toronto Transit Commission’s Line 2 subway. The Ontario Line, stretching 15.6 kilometers with 15 stations, six intermodal hubs, and over 40 connections, aims to significantly reduce travel times on the route, from the current 70 minutes to less than 30 minutes.

Webuild is concurrently involved in the Connect 6ix consortium, overseeing the implementation of the Ontario Line's signaling, communication, and safety systems. Additionally, the consortium is responsible for the supply of rolling stock and the overall operation and maintenance of the line.

The PTUS contract marks Webuild's third sustainable mobility project in Canada, aligning with the company's overarching growth strategy in low-risk regions. With a global track record of over 14,100 kilometers of railways and metros built, Webuild is actively contributing to major infrastructure projects globally. In Italy, the company is involved in significant endeavors, including Line 4 of the Milan Metro and Line C of the Rome Metro.

As Webuild continues to play a pivotal role in connecting people and goods, reducing environmental impacts, and enhancing accessibility, the PTUS contract stands as a testament to the company's commitment to advancing sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.

Webuild's triumph in securing the PTUS contract underscores the company's leadership in the global infrastructure landscape. As Toronto prepares for a significant population influx, the Ontario Line, particularly the PTUS section, emerges as a vital component in the city's transportation evolution. With the innovative Progressive Design-Build model and a commitment to sustainable mobility, Webuild is poised to leave a lasting impact on Toronto's transit infrastructure.


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