Bhopal Metro: Project Information, Routes, Fares and other Details

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Bhopal Metro: Project Information, Routes, Fares and other Details

The planned Metro in Bhopal is a heavy metro system. This system consists of a Network of 105 km and with lines overlapping and branching. In May 2013. Ar. Rohit Gupta consultants were appointed to prepare a detailed project report for the MRTS including the selection of the system for the city.

Project Summary

  • Project Name: Bhopal Metro Rail Project (Bhoj Metro)
  • Owner: Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Co. Limited, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
  • Project Type: Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)
  • Total length: 27.87 km (30 stations)
  • Project Cost: INR 6941.40 Crore (Phase-I)
  • Funding Pattern: Govt. of India, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, and European Investment Bank
  • Completion Target: 2022
  • Status: Under Construction

Operational Routes


Project Information Phase I

Under Construction Routes

Line 2: Karond Circle - AIIMS

  • Total Route Length: 14.99 km (Elevated-12.58 km, Ramp-0.62 km and Underground-1.79 km)
  • Total Stations: 16 (Elevated-14, Underground-2)
  • Station Names: Karond Square, Krishi Upaj Mandi, DIG Bungalow, Sindhi Colony, Nandra Bus Stand, Bhopal Junction, Aish Bagh Crossing, Bogda Pul, Shubhash Nagar Underpass, Kendriya Vidyalaya, DB City Mall, Sangam Cinema, Himansarovar,Habibgang Naka, Alkapuri Bus Stand and AIIMS.
  • Depot: Subhash Nagar Underpass (Jinsi)

Line 5: Bhadbhada Square - Ratnagiri Tiraha

  • Total Route Length: 12.882 km
  • Total Stations: 14 (All elevated)
  • Station Names: Bhadbadha Square, Depot Square, Jawahar Chowk, Roshanpura Square, Minto Hall, Lily Talkies, Pul Bogda, Prabhat Square, Govindpura, Govindpura Industrial Area, JK Road, Indrapuri, Piplani and Ratnagiri Tiraha
  • Depot: Subhash Nagar Underpass (Jinsi)

 (Phase II)

Line 1: Bairagarh - Awadhpuri

  • Total Route Length: 21.335 km (Elevated-14.87 km, Ramp-0.49, Underground-4.6 km)
  • Total Stations: 24 (Elevated-19, Underground-2, At Grade-3)
  • Station Names: Bairagarh, Bairagarh Stadium, Hemu Kalani, Hala Pura Bus Stand, Lal Ghati Square, Idgarh Hills, Collectorate, Cambridge School MG Hospital, Curfew Wali Mata Mandir, Kamala Park, Polytechnic Square, Roshanpura Square, TT Nagar Stadium, Mata Mandir, Jain Mandir, Sharda Mandir, Nutan College, Mansarovar Complex,Khushabhau Thakrey ISBT, Anna Nagar, Carmel Convent, Piplani Gurdwara Square, Mahatma Gandhi Square, Awadhpuri

Line 3A: Airport - Basant Kunj

  • Total Route Length: 1.123 km (Elevated)
  • Total Stations: 1
  • Station Name: Airport

Line 3B: Bhauri ByPass - Basant Kunj Bus Stop

  • Total Route Length: 12.8 km (Elevated-9.08 km, Ramp-6.10 km, Underground-3.11 km)
  • Total Stations: 9 (Elevated-7, Underground-2)
  • Station Names: Bhauri Bypass,Peepainer Village,Airport Road, Gandhi Nagar, Airport Tiraha, Manubhan Tekri,10 No. Square, Sai Board and Basant Kunj Bus Stop.

(Phase III)

Line 4: Ashok Garden Auto Stand - Mother Teresa School

  • Total Route Length: 16.91 km (Elevated-15.19 km, Ramp-0.24 km, Underground-1.47 km)
  • Total Stations: 16 (Elevated-15, Underground-1)
  • Station Names: Ashok Garden Auto Stand, Krishna Campus, Railway Station, Jumerati Road, Curfew Wali Mata Mandir, MACT Square, Panchsheel Nagar Bus Stop, Ekant Park, Shahpura Lake, Bhoj University,IIPM Sarvadham, Mansarovar School, CI Height Nayapura Bus Stop, Sanskar Marriage Garden, Bhairagarh Chichali and Mother Teresa School.

Line 6: Mandi Deep - Habibganj Railway Station

  • Total Route Length: 14.98 km (Elevated-9.89 km, Ramp-0.44 km, At Grade-4.65 km)
  • Total Stations: 11 (Elevated-7, At Grade-4)
  • Station Names: RRL, BU University, Bagsewania Bus Stop, Ashima The Lake City Mall, Sri Ram Colony, C21 Mall, Scope College,Regional 1/NH-12, Harigangar Nagar, Regional 2 and Mandideep

Train Maintanance Depot

Phase    Line   Location
Phase I   Line 2 (Purple)   Subhash Nagar (Under Construction)
Phase I   Line 5 (Red)   Subhash Nagar (Under Construction)


Not yet decided as project in now under construction.

Route Map

Click here to view Routes Maps

Major Contracts 

  • Rohit Associates Architects & Engineers Pvt. Ltd (DPR): DPR Consultancy  
  • DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH – Geodata Engineering S.p.A. – Louis Berger Group JV (GC): General Consultant   
  • RITES – Ardanuy Ingeniería JV (DDC): Detailed Design Consultant of Subhash Nagar Underpass (Jinsi) Depot  
  • (BH-IN-02): 156 Rolling Stock Cars for Bhopal & Indore metros including Signaling and Train Control and Telecommunication Systems  
  • Dilip Buildcon Limited (Package-01): Design and construction of 6.225 km viaduct between Subhash Nagar - AIIMS including entry/exit viaduct to the Jinsi depot for Line-2. (Rs 247.06 Crore)  
  • URC Construction (BH-02): Construction of 8 elevated stations on Line-2 between AIIMS – Subhash Nagar  
  • KEC- SAM JV lowest bidder (BH-06): Construction of Subhash Nagar Depot (carshed)

Key Dates

  • October 2018: The project was approved by Govt of India.(Phase I)
  • 26 September 2019: Foundation stone laid down by Chief Minister Kamal Nath.
  • January 2019: Construction work started of Bhopal Metro Phase I.

Metro Authority Contect Detail 

Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Co. Limited 

2nd Floor, Zone-14,
Bhopal Municipal Corporation,
BHEL, Govindpura,
Near Natraj Petrol Pump,
Madhya Pradesh

Tel: 0755-2475603




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