Govt of India identifies indigenisation of components for metro rail projects

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Govt of India identifies indigenisation of components for metro rail projects

New Delhi, India (Metro Rail Today): The Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India has identified indigenisation of several electrical and electromechanical components for Metro Rail projects with aims to reduce import dependence for operation of mass rapid transport system across cities. These include parts of lifts, escalators, tunnel ventilation systems (TVS), environment control systems (ECS), traction & power supply etc. which are imported.

"We have come a long way from being almost fully import-dependent to manufacturing most items needed for the Metro Rail projects here. Trains manufactured here are now going to the world. Still there are some items which we are importing. These can be manufactured here. The analysis has been done and a road map is being prepared on how to become self-reliant in a phased manner," said officials.

"There is a proposal to bring more components of Metro Rail projects under standardisation as well. This will help in economy of scale as the government plans to build more Metro Rail projects across the country. The Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs has come up with a list of such items and is holding consultations with stakeholders," said officials.

The government is also looking at installing solar panels at stations, besides viaducts and elevated stretches to reduce dependence on electricity. The plan also involves reducing the area required for civil structures.

While commissioning the solar plant Power Factor (PF) of solar system to be set in accordance with the load profile of the connected system, so that the overall PF is within DISCOM permissible limits. Net metering may be registered with the concerned DISCOM as per local guidelines, Uni-directional meter of existing system to be replaced by a bi-directional meter, where ever necessary.

Solar projects may be got registered with UNFCC to avail the benefits of CDM.

Here is list of some components identified under indigenisation scheme by the Government:-

Electrical & Mechanical Systems: Cables, DG sets, Light-fittings, Panels, UPS and Firefighting items.

Lifts & Escalators: Lifts and its components, Escalators and its components.

TVS & ECS: Chiller, Fire rated paints, TVF, OTE, Booster fans, Dampers etc.

Traction & Power Supply: 25KV AC systems, 750V DC Third Rail Components, High speed circuit breakers & DC panels (NRP, OVPD, By Pass), Rectifier/Traction systems, Traction Transformers, SCMS (Stray Current Monitoring systems), DC-33KV & 66KV Cables, By Pass Panel etc.

For items that need to be indigenized in India over next few years, the local manufactures to be permitted to use credentials of their parent company for next 3- 4 years so that they can develop indigenized product by technical assistance/transfer of technology from parent company.


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