MMRDA awarded contracts for construction of train depot for Mumbai Metro Line 4

The Mogharpada Depot will feed trains for Mumbai Metro Line 4 & 4A
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MMRDA awarded contracts for construction of train depot for Mumbai Metro Line 4

Mumbai, India (Metro Rail Today): The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is swiftly advancing in its mission to bolster the Mumbai to Thane metro network. The latest development entails the appointment of a contractor for the construction of the Mogharpada Depot in Thane, a significant step forward in this ambitious project.

The Mogharpada Depot is poised to play a pivotal role in facilitating the operations of Metro Routes 4 and 4A, connecting Wadala to Gaimukh and serving essential stations including Ghatkopar, Mulund, Thane, and Kasarvadavali.

M/s. SEW-VSE (JV) has secured the esteemed position of the L1 bidder for the Mogharpada Depot construction. Their competitive bid, amounting to Rs 9,05,00,00,000/- (Rs 905 crore), has been accepted, making them the lowest bidder for this crucial project.

The sprawling Mogharpada Depot will span approximately 42.25 hectares and encompass a range of essential facilities. These include stabling yards, an operational control center, administrative buildings, maintenance and workshop structures, an auxiliary substation, staff quarters, and other indispensable infrastructure elements. The depot's infrastructure is designed to accommodate 64 stabling lines (32 present and 32 reserved for future expansion), 10 inspection bay lines, and 10 workshop lines.

In another notable development, MMRDA has greenlit the tender for laying a ballastless railway track, which will connect Mulund Fire Station to Gaimukh Station and Depot. M/s. Apurvakriti Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. has been entrusted with this pivotal task. Remarkably, the tender for this critical undertaking was accepted at a cost of Rs 121,55,91,349/- (Rs 121.56 crore), reflecting a 7.29% reduction from the initial tender amount.

Commenting on these significant developments, Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, I.A.S., the Metropolitan Commissioner of MMRDA, emphasized the importance of Metro Routes 4 and 4A as vital transportation links uniting two major cities within the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. He expressed the urgency of expeditiously completing the depot construction to ensure its availability to the public at the earliest convenience. Concurrently, the track construction will commence alongside the depot, marking another significant stride in enhancing regional connectivity.

As the MMRDA continues to forge ahead with these initiatives, the vision of an integrated and efficient metro network connecting Mumbai and Thane draws nearer to realization.


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