PM Narendra Modi likely to inaugurate Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 on October 30

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PM Narendra Modi likely to inaugurate Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 on October 30

Navi Mumbai, India (Metro Rail Today): After more than a decade of meticulous planning and persistent efforts, the highly anticipated Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1, spanning approximately 11.1 kilometers and linking Belapur to Pendhar, is poised for its imminent launch. As per the recent announcement by the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), the inauguration of Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 is scheduled to be graced by the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 30th of this month. The earlier inauguration date of October 26 had to be postponed owing to the Prime Minister's busy schedule.

The impending introduction of Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 is expected to herald a substantial transformation in the realm of public transportation and connectivity within the region. The entire 11.1-kilometer stretch of Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1, traversing from Belapur to Pendhar, has received the crucial clearance certificate from the Commission of Railway Safety (CMRS), attesting to its readiness for seamless operations. This significant infrastructure development encompasses a total of 11 stations, namely Belapur, Sector-7 Belapur, Science Park, Utsav Chowk, Sector 11 Kharghar, Sector 14 Kharghar, Central Park, Pethapada, Sector 34 Kharghar, Panchanand, and Pendhar Terminal.

Additionally, the project incorporates a dedicated maintenance depot situated at Taloja, along with two traction substations strategically positioned at Panchanand and Kharghar. Despite encountering various obstacles over the years, including challenges related to contractors, a shortage of skilled experts, as well as legal and technical impediments, the Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 has persevered and is now on the cusp of benefiting the local community.

In a strategic move to secure adequate funding, CIDCO successfully secured a financial line of credit worth Rs 500 crore from ICICI Bank, supplementing the financial resources required for the project. The 2022-23 budget allocation by CIDCO also earmarked dedicated land for the Navi Mumbai Metro project, reflecting the organization's commitment to overcoming financial constraints and ensuring the successful implementation of this vital infrastructure initiative.

CIDCO, the agency responsible for overseeing the Navi Mumbai Metro project, has appointed the Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha Metro) to manage the operations of Line 1 for a period of 10 years, involving an investment of Rs 500 crore. The fare structure for the Navi Mumbai Metro is set to range between Rs 10 and Rs 40, ensuring accessibility and affordability for diverse segments of the population. Commuters can expect fares as low as Rs 10 for journeys up to two kilometers, while longer journeys beyond 10 kilometers will be priced at Rs 40 for a one-way trip. This fare structure, established in 2021 by CIDCO, will be administered by Maha Metro.

The impending launch of the Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 stands as a testament to the collective efforts invested in fostering sustainable and efficient public transportation systems, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of life and connectivity for the residents of Navi Mumbai.


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