Trial run extended beyond Ruby to Metropolitan on Kolkata Metro's Airport Line

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Trial run extended beyond Ruby to Metropolitan on Kolkata Metro's Airport Line

Kolkata, India (Metro Rail Today): In a historic move, a metro train embarked on its journey beyond Ruby crossing, traversing through Tagore Park, Panchannagram, and Science City before halting at Metropolitan on EM Bypass during its maiden trial run late on March 27 (Wednes Day). This trial run marked a significant milestone ahead of the inspection by the Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS). With the addition of four more stations, the Orange line is poised to extend by 4.5 kilometers.

The line, which currently operates on a 5.4-kilometer stretch from New Garia to Ruby, has now expanded its footprint. EM Bypass made its debut on the Metro map on March 15, coinciding with the commencement of Phase I of the 32-kilometer New Garia-Airport corridor, also known as the Orange line or Line 6. Just a fortnight later, commuters and motorists along Bypass witnessed the sight of a train passing the newly inaugurated Hemanta Mukhopadhyay station (Ruby crossing). The extended stretch will feature four new stations—VIP Bazar (Tagore Park), Ritwik Ghatak (Panchannagram), Barun Sengupta (Science City and Parama Island), and Beliaghata (Metropolitan).

Ahead of the safety inspection by Janak Kumar Garg, the Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS), Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL), the implementing agency, conducted the maiden trials late on Wednesday night. The CRS approval is mandatory for the commencement of operations on any new Metro line across India. Garg commenced his two-day inspection after reviewing the 3-kilometer Noapara-Dum Dum Cantonment stretch (Phase I of the Yellow line) and took a trolley ride along the tracks. Subsequently, he assessed various parameters of the newly extended Orange line. On Friday, he is scheduled to take a train ride to Metropolitan.

To facilitate the safety inspections beyond Ruby crossing, operations on the newly opened Orange line (New Garia-Ruby) will remain suspended for two days. RVNL has dedicated considerable effort over the past year to complete the 4.5-kilometer extension. Once Phase II is operational, commuters will enjoy seamless connectivity across a 41-kilometer stretch from Dakshineswar to Metropolitan via the Kavi Subhas (New Garia) interface of Orange and Blue lines.

Overcoming significant engineering challenges, RVNL recently overcame a major hurdle—a 125-meter viaduct gap—for which a 76-meter single-span girder was erected. Due to the inability to construct piers in between without dismantling a weakened culvert, RVNL devised a unique solution: a hanging bridge to support the single-span girder. This engineering feat, a first in the country's Metro systems, showcases RVNL's innovative approach to infrastructure development.

The Orange line, inaugurated in 2011, has encountered several setbacks in terms of cost and time overruns. RVNL's persistent efforts, spanning over six years, finally secured the site at Tagore Park to bridge the gap between piers 166 and 167. The construction of a new culvert on the eastern side of EM Bypass facilitated uninterrupted traffic flow while the viaduct was being erected.

The extension of the Orange line beyond Ruby to Metropolitan represents a significant achievement in India's metro network, highlighting the commitment to enhancing urban mobility and connectivity for millions of commuters.


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