Nagpur Metro Phase I: Project Information, Cost, Contractors and System Details

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Nagpur Metro Phase I: Project Information, Cost, Contractors and System Details

The project consisted of two routes: Automotive square, Kamptee to MIHAN Metro depot and Prajapati Nagar, East Wardhaman Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar, Hingna. There would be 17 stations on Route no. 1 with a terminal cum depot at MIHAN and 19 stations on Route no. 2 with a terminal cum depot at Lokmanya Nagar.

Project Summary

  • Project Name: Nagpur Metro Rail Project (Majhi Metro)
  • Owner: Govt. of Maharashtra & Govt. of India
  • Operator: Maharastra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha-Metro)
  • Project Type: Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)
  • Project Cost: INR 8,680.00 Crore (Phase-I), INR 11,216.00 Crore (Phase-II)
  • Completion Target: 2022 (Phase-I), 2025 (Phase-II)
  • Status: Operational - 7 March 2019

Operational Routes


North-South Corridor (Orange Line): Automotive Square - Metro City

  • Route length: 13.5 km (Operational - 13.5 km)
  • No. of Stations: 11 (Operational-11, Under construction-9)
  • Stations Name: Sitabuldi (Interchange), Congress Nagar, Rahate Colony, Ajni Square, Chhatrapati Square, Jaiprakash Nagar, Ujjwal Nagar, Airport, Airport South, New Airport, Khapri.

East-West Corridor (Aqua Line): Prajapati Nagar - Lokmanya Nagar

  • Route length: 11 km (Operational 11 km)
  • No. of Stations: 6 (Operational-6, Under construction-14)
  • Stations Name: Sitabuldi (Interchange), Jhansi Rani Square, Institute of Engineers....Subhash Nagar, Vasudev Nagar, Lokmanya Nagar.

Under Construction Lines (Phase-I)

North-South Corridor (Orange Line): Automotive Square - Metro City

  • Route length: 8.79 km (Operational - 13.5 km)
  • No. of Stations: 9 (Operational-11, Under construction-9)
  • Stations Name: Automotive Square, Nari Road, Indora Square, Kadvi Square, Gaddigodam Square, Kasturchand Park, Zero Mile, Eco Park, Metro City.

East-West Corridor (Aqua Line): Prajapati Nagar - Lokmanya Nagar

  • Route length: 8.41 km (Operational 11 km)
  • No. of Stations: 14 (Operational-6, Under construction-14)
  • Stations Name: Prajapati Nagar, Vaishnodevi Square, Ambedkar Square, Telephone Exchange, Chitar Oli Square, Agrasen Square, Dosar Vaishya Square, Nagpur Railway Station, Cotton Market....Shankar Nagar Square, LAD College, Ambazari Lake...Rachana Ring Road Junction...Bansi Nagar.

Project Cost & Funding:

Phase   Project Cost    Funding By
 Phase-I    8,680.00 Crore   Govt. of India and Govt. of Maharashtra

 Deadline: NA

Technical Information

  • Design Speed: 90 kmph
  • Average speed: 33 kmph
  • Track Gauge: 1435 mm standard gauge
  • Electrification: 25 kV AC Overhead catenary
  • Signalling System: Communications-based Train Control (CBTC)
  • Rolling stock:  NA

Major Contractors

Contractors   Work Description
RITES – DMRC   Interim Consultancy
Anandjiwala Consultants   Geotechnical Investigation
SYSTRA – Egis Rail – AECOM – RITES JV   General Consultant (GC)
CRRC Ltd.   69 Standard Gauge Coaches (Rolling Stock)
Enia Architects & Mahendra Raj Consultants   Design Competition for Sitabuldi Interchange and Zero Mile Station Including Property Development
Bright Power Projects India Pvt. Ltd.   25 KV Single Phase, 50Hz AC OHE in At-Grade section and MIHAN Depot
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.   2000 MT 90 UTS Rails, UIC 60, IRS-T-12-2009, 880 Grade
East Metal AG   10000 MT 60E1 (UIC 600), 1080 Grade Head Hardened (HH) Rails
Vossloh Cogifer   Standard Gauge 60E1 (UIC 60) Turnouts
Rahee Infra Structure   Ballastless track in at-grade section of Line-1 and ballasted/embedded track in MIHAN & Hingna Depots
Siemens Ltd. – Siemens Rail Automation (S.A.U) JV   Signalling & Train Control System
State Bank of India – S.S.C. PTE – AurioPro Solutions JV   Open Loop Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System
L&T Smart World Communication   Telecommunication System
Schindler India Pvt. Ltd.   Elevators & Escalators
Siemens India Pvt. Ltd.   25 KV Flexible OHE and Posts & Machinery and Plant (M&P) for rolling stock depots at MIHAN and Hingna
Rahee – EMRail JV; Texmaco Rail Engineering – Rahee Infratech JV   Ballastless track of standard gauge on Line-1 and Line-2 (2 contracts)
Pratibha CSL – Sudhir Constructions JV   Construction of Khapri & Hingna Depots
NCC Ltd.   Construction of Khapri Depot – New Airport (At-Grade – 4.5 km) & Construction of New Airport – Congress Nagar on Reach-1
(Viaduct – 7.61 km)
IL&FS Engineering Ltd.   Construction of  Khapri – Congress Nagar on Reach-1
(10 elevated stations)
ITD Cementation Ltd.   Construction of Lokmanya Nagar – Jhansi Rani Square on Reach-3(10 elevated stations), Construction of Sitabuldi – Prajapati Nagar on Reach-4(Viaduct – 8.15 km) & Construction of Sitabuldi – Prajapati Nagar on Reach-4(8 elevated stations
Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.   Construction of Lokmanya Nagar – Jhansi Rani Square on Reach-3(Viaduct – 10.387 km & Construction of Sitabuldi – Automotive Square on Reach-2 with double-decker railway-span near Gaddigodam(Viaduct – 7.144 km)

Progress So Far

  • November 2015: Work started on construction of depot.
  • August 2017: Trial run started till Airport Station.
  • 08 March 2019: 13 km section between Khapri – Sitabuldi on Orange Line opened
  • 28 January 2020: 9.9 km section between Lokmanya Nagar – Sitabuldi on Aqua Line opened
  • 21 August 2021: 1.49 km section between Sitabuldi – Kasturchand Park on Orange Line opened

In-depth Information

Overview | Nagpur Metro Phase 2



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