Ontario Line: A $19 Billion Transit Revolution in Toronto

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Ontario Line: A $19 Billion Transit Revolution in Toronto

In a monumental stride towards revolutionizing Toronto's transit infrastructure, the Ontario Line is set to redefine how the city commutes and connects. This $19 billion investment promises a faster, more efficient journey, creating a 15.6 km subway line to enhance connectivity within Toronto and beyond.

A Transit Marvel in the Making

The Ontario Line is designed to be a game-changer, boasting 15 new stations that will stretch from Exhibition Place, traversing the heart of downtown, and culminating at the Ontario Science Centre. The primary objective is to drastically reduce commute times, with end-to-end travel taking less than 30 minutes, a significant improvement from the current 70-minute transit duration.

Key Features of the Ontario Line:

  • Number of Stations: 15
  • End-to-End Journey Time: 30 minutes or less
  • Connections to Transit Options: Over 40, including TTC’s Line 1 and 2, three GO Transit rail lines, and the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.
  • Route Length: 15.6 km
  • Ridership: Anticipated at 388,000 daily
  • Frequency: As frequent as every 90 seconds during rush hour
  • Improved Access: 227,500 more people within walking distance of transit
  • Job Accessibility: Up to 47,000 more jobs are accessible in 45 minutes or less, with additional benefits for lower-income residents.

Addressing Transit Challenges

The Ontario Line aims to alleviate congestion across Toronto's existing transit network by providing seamless connections to various travel options. This includes key connections to GO train services, TTC’s Line 1 and Line 2 subways, Line 5 (Eglinton Crosstown LRT), streetcar lines, and bus services at multiple stations. The reduction in travel time and improved accessibility are anticipated to enhance the daily lives of thousands of commuters.

Impactful Reductions:

  • Rush Hour Crowding: Up to 22% reduction at Bloor/Yonge Station, 16% at Eglinton Station, and 14% at Union Station.
  • Traffic Congestion: 28,000 fewer cars on the road daily.
  • Fuel Consumption: Yearly reduction of 7.2 million liters.

Construction Milestones

The Webuild Group, along with its partners in the Connect 6ix consortium, secured a pivotal contract on November 17, 2022, to build a segment of the Ontario Line. Under the guidance of Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx, Webuild will be responsible for track construction, system implementation, maintenance facilities, and the operations control center.

Construction commenced in December 2021, marked by the groundbreaking at Exhibition Station. Major construction activities are now in progress, with the ambitious project scheduled for completion in 2031.

The Ontario Line stands as a testament to Toronto's commitment to modernizing its transit infrastructure, promising a faster, more efficient, and interconnected future for the city's residents.


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