Construction on $4.9 billion Dubai Metro Blue Line project set to begin this year

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Construction on $4.9 billion Dubai Metro Blue Line project set to begin this year

Dubai, UAE (Metro Rail Today): Dubai's Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has announced a pivotal development in the expansion of the city's transport infrastructure with the initiation of the bidding process for the construction of Dubai Metro's highly anticipated Blue Line. Consortiums have until May 19 to submit their bids for this lucrative contract, marking a significant milestone in the project's timeline. Prequalified companies were notified in early January, and the issuance of tender documents on January 15 has set the stage for intense competition among six prominent consortia.

These consortiums, comprising both international and local entities, represent a diverse array of expertise in railway construction:

  • Hyundai Rotem, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, Nippon
  • China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, Limak Holding, Mapa Group
  • Siemens, Samsung, Larsen & Toubro, Wade Adams
  • Alstom, FCC, China State Construction Engineering Corporation
  • CAF, China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group, Arab Contractors
  • Hitachi, WeBuild

The financial magnitude of the project is substantial, with estimates suggesting a cost in the realm of several billion dollars. As one of Dubai's most ambitious infrastructure ventures, the Blue Line necessitates collaborative efforts between international contractors and local partners to ensure its successful realization.

The selected design-and-build contractor will bear responsibility for a comprehensive scope of work, encompassing civil engineering, electromechanical systems, rolling stock provision, and rail infrastructure. Furthermore, post-construction, the contractor will provide maintenance and operational support for an initial three-year period, ensuring the seamless integration of the Blue Line into Dubai's existing metro network.

Spanning a total length of 30 kilometers, the Blue Line will interconnect the Red and Green lines, enhancing accessibility and connectivity within the city. Notably, approximately 50% of the line will traverse underground, covering 15.5 kilometers, with the remaining 14.5 kilometers above ground level.

The Blue Line's infrastructure will comprise 14 strategically located stations, with seven elevated and five underground stations, including a crucial interchange station and two elevated transfer stations linking to existing Centerpoint and Creek stations.

The comprehensive contract entails the procurement and deployment of 28 state-of-the-art driverless trains, construction of a spacious depot capable of accommodating up to 60 trains, and the development of all ancillary infrastructure, including roads, facilities, and utility diversion works.

The scope of work encapsulates:

  • Civil Works: Detailed design and construction of viaducts, tunnels, and station structures.
  • Electromechanical Works: Design and execution of complex electromechanical systems.
  • Rail Systems: Procurement and installation of operation and control systems for rail, stations, and associated facilities.
  • Rolling Stock: Design, manufacture, and delivery of cutting-edge rolling stock.

The commencement of construction for the Dubai Metro Blue Line heralds a new era of transportation infrastructure in the city, promising enhanced connectivity and efficiency for residents and visitors alike.


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