Kanpur Metro Completes Casting of 200th Pillar in Baradevi-Naubasta Section

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Kanpur Metro Completes Casting of 200th Pillar in Baradevi-Naubasta Section

Kanpur, India (Metro Rail Today):  Kanpur, a city on the brink of transformative change, witnessed a remarkable feat in the rapid progression of the Kanpur Metro Rail Project. The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) has achieved a significant milestone with the completion of the casting of the 200th pillar in the Baradevi-Naubasta elevated section, a pivotal part of Corridor-1 stretching from IIT to Naubasta.

The metro construction work on the approximately 5 km-long Baradevi-Naubasta elevated section is advancing at an impressive pace. Out of the planned 276 pillars for this section, the UPMRC has successfully cast 200 pillars, underscoring the commitment to timely project completion. The section will host five metro stations: Baradevi, Kidwai Nagar, Vasant Vihar, Boudh Nagar, and Naubasta.

In acknowledgment of this achievement, Managing Director Sushil Kumar extended congratulations to the diligent engineers of UPMRC. He stated, "The civil construction of the Baradevi-Naubasta elevated section of the Kanpur Metro Project is progressing rapidly. With the completion of 200 piers and the upcoming finalization of pile caps and pier caps, we remain on schedule. Following the successful initiation of commercial service on the priority section (IIT to Motijheel) in December 2021, we are maintaining momentum on time for the remaining sections of Corridor 1."

The construction activities for the Baradevi-Naubasta elevated section kicked off on 8th August 2022. The project marked a significant milestone with the laying of the first pier cap on 27th December 2022 and the subsequent placement of the first U-girder on 21 January 2023. The erection of Pi-girders at Baradevi and Kidwai Nagar stations, crucial for the construction of metro stations, is progressing swiftly. Notably, on 10 November 2023, the first Cross Arm was erected at the under-construction Naubasta station, adding another dimension to the project's progress.

Beyond the Baradevi-Naubasta elevated section, Corridor-1 of the Kanpur Metro Rail Project witnesses simultaneous progress on other fronts. Construction is rapidly advancing in the Kanpur Central-Transport Nagar underground section and the Chunniganj-Nayaganj underground section.

In essence, the Kanpur Metro Project reflects a commitment to enhancing urban connectivity, and with each completed milestone, it stands closer to reshaping the city's landscape.

As the Kanpur Metro Project surges ahead, reaching and surpassing milestones, it becomes evident that the city is on the brink of a transformative era. The completion of the 200th pillar in the Baradevi-Naubasta elevated section signifies not just construction progress but a city's journey toward modernization and enhanced connectivity. The collaborative efforts of UPMRC and its dedicated engineers are propelling Kanpur into a future marked by efficient public transportation and urban development.


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