Hitachi Rail signs ₹1,620 crore signalling & train control contract for Chennai Metro Phase 2

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Hitachi Rail signs ₹1,620 crore signalling & train control contract for Chennai Metro Phase 2

Chennai, India (Metro Rail Today): The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has signed a system contract (Package ASA-04) for supply of Signalling & Train Control and Video management System for Driverless (UTO-Unattended Train Operation) Operation for its Corridor 3, 4 and 5 of phase 2 project to Consortium of Hitachi Rail STS SPA and Hitachi Rail STS India Pvt. Ltd. on 15th March 2023 in Chennai. 

The "Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Signalling, Train Control and Video Management System" for the Phase -2 of Chennai Metro Rail Project has been awarded to the consortium of Hitachi Rail STS SPA and Hitachi Rail STS India Pvt Limited at a cost of Rs 1,620 crore.

The contract agreement was signed by Rajesh Chaturvedi (Director Systems and Operations) and Manoj Krishnappa Kumar (Country Head and Whole time Director of Hitachi Rail STS India).

The work includes Signalling, Train Control and Video Management System for 118 km metro network having 2 metro depots, 113 metro stations, 138 trains and 3 maintenance rail vehicles. The project duration is 57 months (end of 2027) for the entire Phase 2. This package is the largest Metro Signalling packages in India.

The Signalling supplier will provide ultra-modern Signalling, Train Control and video management system to facilitate Automatic train Operation (without driver) in Phase 2 of Chennai Metro Rail Limited. The Communication based Train Control system (CBTC) will work on moving block principle which supports a minimum headway of 90 sec. The system facilitates centralized control and monitoring of train Operations from the Operational Control Centre using advanced wireless technology.

The Video management system provides Real time video streams to the control center from all the trains. The signalling system will provide automatic control of systems like trains, Platform Screen Doors, Passenger Displays and announcements provided in all stations. Signaling system will also monitor live information from various subsystems like Radio system, Electrical system, Tunnel Ventilation System etc. to facilitate safe driverless operation. The system facilitates real time information on train services through Internet.

K A Manoharan (Advisor S&T), A Sankaramurthi (Dy Advisor S&T), Tony Burchell (Team Leader General Consultants), Raman Kumar Sehgal (Principal Sales Manager Hitachi Rail STS India) and other officials were present.

For more details, please explore the Chennai Metro page of Metro Rail Today.


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