TBM Podhigai achieves 4th Tunnel Breakthrough for Chennai Metro Phase 2 Project

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TBM Podhigai achieves 4th Tunnel Breakthrough for Chennai Metro Phase 2 Project

Chennai, India (Metro Rail Today): Tata Projects Ltd. (TPL) marked a significant milestone this afternoon with the successful breakthrough of tunnel boring machine S97, fondly known as TBM Podhigai, at Madhavaram High Road Station. This breakthrough, a part of the ongoing Chennai Metro Phase 2 project spanning 116.1 kilometers, is the fourth breakthrough out of a total of 24 planned breakthroughs for the 45.4-kilometer Line-3's civil construction Package TU-01, linking Venugopal Nagar to Kelly's.

The Ø6.61m diameter Terratec Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) machine, commissioned by TPL's skilled tunneling crew from the south shaft of Madhavaram Milk Colony Station in mid-January 2023, has successfully traversed a distance of approximately 1.4 kilometers over a span of 9.5 months, contributing to the construction of the down-line tunnel leading to Kelly's.

TPL secured the esteemed Rs. 1999 crore contract for Package TU-01 from Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. (CMRL) in May 2021, with a stipulated project completion deadline of 42 months.

In conjunction with TBM Podhigai, an additional six TBMs are set to undertake the construction of approximately 9 kilometers of twin tunnels (equating to a total of 18 kilometers) within Line-3's underground section, spanning from Venugopal Nagar to Kellys. The scope of work also encompasses the construction of diaphragm walls and the development of entry/exit structures for key stations including Madhavaram Milk Colony Station, Murari Hospital Station, Ayanavaram Station, and Purasaiwakkam High Road Station.

The recent breakthrough signifies the successful construction of four crucial tunnels linking Venugopal Nagar, Madhavaram Milk Colony, and Madhavaram High Road stations, covering an approximate distance of 2.5 kilometers, inclusive of station boxes. Notably, the TBMs for all four breakthroughs were launched from Madhavaram Milk Colony, underscoring the efficient and strategic utilization of resources and equipment for the project.

Recapping the breakthroughs achieved thus far:

  • First in June 2023: TBM S98 (Anaimalai) at Venugopal Nagar - 415m
  • Second in August 2023: TBM S96 (Nilgiri) at Madhavaram High Road - 1.4 km
  • Third in September 2023: TBM S99 (Servarayan) at Venugopal Nagar - 415m
  • Fourth in November 2023: TBM S97 (Podhigai) at Madhavaram High Road - 1.4 km

This progress serves as a testament to the meticulous planning, dedicated efforts, and technical expertise employed by Tata Projects Ltd., contributing significantly to the advancement of Chennai's evolving metro infrastructure and bolstering the city's connectivity and mobility framework.

For more details, please explore the Chennai Metro page of Metro Rail Today.


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