Haryana Orbital Rail Corridor: Project Information, Routes, Fares and other Details

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Haryana Orbital Rail Corridor: Project Information, Routes, Fares and other Details

General Information

Project Summary

  • Project Name: Haryana Orbital Rail Corridor
  • Executor: Haryana Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation (HRIDC)
  • Network length: 121.742 km
  • Gauge: Broad Gauge Rail line
  • Project cost: Rs.5,566 crore
  • No. of stations: 17
  • Deadline: 2023

Operational Routes



Not yet decided as project in now under construction.

Contact details

 Plot No 143, 5th Floor,

Railtel Tower,

Sector-44, Gurugram

Tel: 9311478889

Email: [email protected]

Route Map


Project Information

  • Corridor Name: Palwal - Sonepat Orbit Rail Corridor
  • Proposed Stations: New Palwal, Silani, Sohna, Dhulawat, Chandla Dungerwas, Manesar, New Patli, Badsa, Deverkhana, Badli, Mandothi, Jasaur Kheri, Kharkhoda, Tarakpur, and Harsana Kalan

Project Cost & Funding:

Phase   Project Cost    Funding By
₹ 5,566.00 crore 
  Haryana Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation (HRIDC)

 Deadline: 2023

Technical Information

  • Design Speed: NA
  • Average Speed: NA
  • Track Gauge: Indian Gauge – 1676 mm
  • Electrification: NA
  • Signalling System: NA
  • Rolling stock: NA

Major Contractors 

Package   Contractors Work Description
    Aarvee Associates Architects Engineers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Feasibility Study Report
GC   RITES – SMEC JV HORC General Consultant
5.9 km C1 Priority Section   Not yet finalize Construction from Km 49.7 to Km 55.6 from proposed Manesar Station of HORC to existing Patli Railway Station of IR Network

Progress So Far



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