19,000 commuters use WhatsApp e-ticketing facility for Mumbai Metro One

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19,000 commuters use WhatsApp e-ticketing facility for Mumbai Metro One

Mumbai, India (Metro Rail Today): The Mumbaikers are shifting towards smart metro ticketing solutions recently introduced by Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL). About 19,000 commuters have purchased metro tickets through the WhatsApp ticketing facility in just 19 days.

With the aim to promote paperless ticketing and save the trees and the environment, MMOPL has launched e-ticketing solution through WhatsApp first time in India.

According to MMOCL, at present, 2 lakh 60 thousand passengers traveling by Metro and about 1 lakh 59 thousand passengers are traveling with digital tickets. The MMOPL has reported a significant increment in the number of WhatsApp ticketing users.

"The number of WhatsApp e-tickets is increasing. The number of passengers who purchased e-tickets through WhatsApp has reached 19,000 in just 19 days. At present, over 2 lakh passengers travel on Mumbai Metro, and out 1 lakh passengers (approx) travel by using digital tickets," said a spokesperson.

Paper tickets harm the environment. Also, for each ticket, Metro One administration has to pay 0.09 paise. As an alternative to this, efforts are being made to take citizens to digital systems. WhatsApp has recently launched an e-ticketing system to promote digital ticketing. The OTP number is obtained by simply sending a 'Hi' in English initials to the Metro Administration number through WhatsApp. The e-ticket is issued on WhatsApp as soon as the cash is paid by stating this OTP number on the ticket window. Scanning this ticket gives access to the station.

"In 19 days after the implementation of this system, the number of WhatsApp ticket sales reached 18 thousand 963. Therefore, in the next two-three months, this number will reach the level of 50,000," said the spokesperson.

MMOPL is operating & maintaining Line 1 of the Mumbai Metro Rail Project. The 11.40 km metro line is fully elevated and consists of 12 stations from Versova to Ghatkopar. The line connects the eastern and western suburbs of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.


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