Dubai Metro launches tender for new 30-km Blue Line enhancing Dubai's Public Transport

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Dubai Metro launches tender for new 30-km Blue Line enhancing Dubai's Public Transport

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Metro Rail Today): Dubai, a city renowned for its visionary projects, is all set to elevate its public transportation system with the upcoming launch of the Blue Line Metro extension. This ambitious endeavor aims to connect the existing Red and Green Metro lines, further augmenting the city's already impressive transportation infrastructure.

The upcoming Blue Line is slated to span a notable distance of 30 kilometers, with nearly half of its track operating underground and the remaining section elevated above ground. This strategic blend of routes is poised to ensure seamless and efficient commuting for the city's residents and visitors.

The extension is set to introduce 14 strategically positioned stations, meticulously placed to cater to various key areas within Dubai. Among these, seven stations will be elevated, featuring an iconic station, while an additional five stations will operate underground, including an essential interchange station. Moreover, two elevated transfer stations will establish smooth connections with the existing Centrepoint station and Creek station, guaranteeing hassle-free commuting experiences for passengers.

A significant highlight of this upcoming project is the integration of 28 cutting-edge driverless trains, reflecting Dubai's unwavering commitment to adopting and implementing the latest advancements in transportation technology. Moreover, a modern depot is on the horizon, planned to accommodate up to 60 trains, ensuring a robust and scalable metro system for the city's growing populace.

The scope of work for the assigned contractor or consortium is notably extensive, encompassing various vital components such as civil works, electromechanical elements, operation and control systems, and the design and supply of rolling stock. This meticulous approach solidifies the Blue Line's status as a cutting-edge and integral addition to Dubai's thriving public transport network.

Dubai Metro has already etched its name in history as the world's longest driverless metro network, boasting an impressive track length of 89.3 kilometers and an exceptional punctuality rate of 99.7 percent. Over the past 14 years, it has efficiently catered to the commuting needs of over 2 billion passengers, setting unprecedented benchmarks for operational excellence and safety in the realm of urban transportation.

The Blue Line extension serves as an integral component of Dubai's Urban Plan 2040, a forward-looking initiative that anticipates the city's population to burgeon from 3.3 million in 2020 to 5.8 million by 2040. As the city grapples with the challenges posed by rapid population growth, the introduction of the Blue Line Metro extension emerges as a crucial solution, providing efficient and eco-friendly transportation alternatives to the ever-expanding populace.

Dubai's unwavering dedication to expanding and enriching its public transport system signifies the city's resolute commitment to creating an urban landscape that is not just futuristic but also sustainable. The Blue Line extension stands as yet another significant stride in Dubai's journey toward global eminence in the domains of urban planning and transportation.


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