RCF set to unveil Vande Metro Train Prototype by April

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RCF set to unveil Vande Metro Train Prototype by April

Kapurthala, India (Metro Rail Today): In a groundbreaking development, the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) situated in Kapurthala, Punjab, is on track to unveil the prototype of the Vande Metro coach designed for intercity travel by April this year. The announcement comes from the RCF's General Manager, S Srinivas, who expressed the factory's ambitious goal of having a total of 16 coaches ready by the latter part of the 2024-25 financial year.

The Vande Metro coach draws inspiration from India's first indigenous semi-high-speed train, the Vande Bharat, designed to cater specifically to intercity passengers covering distances of up to 250 km. With 16 air-conditioned coaches, this revolutionary train is poised to operate at a maximum speed of 130 km per hour.

S Srinivas, in an exclusive conversation with PTI, emphasized, "This train is meant for intercity traffic," revealing the RCF's aspiration to have the prototype ready by April. Following rigorous trials, the RCF plans to commence production to meet the growing demand for advanced and efficient intercity transportation.

Key features of the Vande Metro include an enhanced passenger experience and accessibility, with each coach having the capacity to carry 280 passengers - a combination of 100 seating and 180 standing. The innovative 3x3 bench-type seating arrangement optimizes passenger capacity, ensuring a comfortable medium-distance commute.

Moreover, Vande Metro coaches will boast advanced safety features, including a passenger talkback system for emergency communication with the train driver. Each coach will be equipped with 14 sensors for fire and smoke detection, prioritizing the safety of passengers.

For added convenience, the train will feature a wheelchair-accessible lavatory in each coach, ensuring inclusivity in public transportation. The introduction of the Kavach system further emphasizes safety measures to prevent collisions and enhance overall travel security.

The gangway, connecting two coaches, will resemble wide corridors, facilitating a smooth walk-through experience for passengers. Windows and doors have been meticulously designed for both safety and convenience, featuring wider openable hopper-type windows for emergencies and spacious entrances with touch-free doors.

S Srinivas also highlighted the recent accomplishment of the RCF, rolling out 24 special Rajdhani sleeper coaches in December. These coaches, engineered for long-distance travel on the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla section, feature a special provision for hot water in lavatories during winter months.

Looking ahead, the RCF plans to release the next rake of 24 coaches in March, with two additional rakes ready in the next financial year. Trials for Vistadome coaches on the heritage Kalka-Shimla route have successfully concluded, awaiting clearance from the commissioner of railway safety before their official deployment.

In a nod to its commitment to innovation, the RCF is set to manufacture an additional 30 Vistadome coaches in the next financial year, subject to safety clearance. Additionally, a double-decker cargo liner coach, capable of carrying 46 passengers and six tonnes of load, is currently undergoing trials on the Ambala-Sahnewal section, showcasing the RCF's versatility in coach manufacturing.

In conclusion, the Rail Coach Factory's pursuit of excellence continues to redefine the landscape of rail travel in India. The unveiling of the Vande Metro coach marks a significant leap towards modernization and efficiency in intercity transportation, reflecting the RCF's dedication to delivering state-of-the-art solutions for the evolving needs of passengers.


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